Hay fever, itchy eyes, runny nose … Allergies, what is in season!

Although the ideal in case of allergy is to avoid the allergen, natural solutions exist for comfort and are very effective for many.

And if you looked a little closer what Mother Nature offers us to be more comfortable with allergies of all kinds? We will give you comprehensive and practical advice…

What should we know about allergies?


Basically, allergies are about when the immune system reacts abnormally to a body it sees as “foreign.” Inflammatory reactions ensue and boom its allergy.

Note that the allergy is usually triggered after several presentations of the allergen in your body. This is why it can suddenly become allergic to a product that has yet used without problem before. Not to be confused with a simple irritation. This is also why we can suffer hay fever in later life for the first time when we have passed all the best seasons to roll in the grass before.

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For some time, I realize that it is possible to buy cheap essential oils in more and more locations. You must know that there are essential oils of good quality and unfortunately poor quality: it is often cheap essential oils.

But how to judge the quality of an essential oil? Should we only rely on the price? And logos?  Read this article so you will know all to recognize an essential oil of good quality.

The essential oil should be 100% natural.


That is to say that the essential oil to be composed only of aromatic molecules. The essential oil only needs to be composed of the first part of the “liquid” which results from the distillation of the plant (for the second part of the “liquid”, it is the hydrosol).

The essential oil must be 100% pure.

That is to say that the essential oil should not be mixed with other substance such as vegetable oils, another near essential oil, alcohol,…

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The installation of an electrical stimulator could eliminate lower back pain – TENS

Perhaps the wrong end of the century?

Backache: electrical stimulation to treat low back pain

While 10% of world population suffers from back pain, this innovation was developed by the Irish company Mainstay Medical and it could change everything. A clinical study, revealed by Le Parisien in its edition on Thursday, March 27, showed the beneficial effects of the installation of an electrical stimulator in the lumbar.

Chronic low back pain is usually related to poor control of the muscles by the nervous system, not allow good stabilization of the spine. A phenomenon generates pain in the lower back region.

A relief, rare risks

For neck pain, a US study published in 2012 in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that after twelve weeks of treatment, 57% of patients followed by a chiropractor saw their pain decrease of 75%. After one year, 53% were still relieved against 38% of those who had taken painkillers or relaxants.

What risks?

The most serious but also the rarest is tearing of an artery during cervical manipulation. Again, the figures are vague: between 1 case per 400 000 and 1 case per 5,000,000.

Where a chiropractor?

All professionals are trained in six years according to international standards. The association provides an online directory on its website. There is also a list of mutual that supports chiropractic lacking of reimbursement by the social security system.

Physiotherapy: prevention of relapse

back pain in woman

It has long existed even if, according to scientists, nothing proves effectiveness. “Physiotherapy is an empirical method that seeks to enter the scientific circle and is now trying to validate its efficacy by the evidence, but today we have very little evidence” confirmation of French Escarpment, President of the Afrek (French Association for Research and Evaluation in physiotherapy).

For whom?

According to the Health Authority, physical therapy is indicated for lumbago in relapse prevention, but not treatment. In this case, Medicare reimburses fifteen sessions, renewable once with its prior agreement.

For a non-paralyzing attack of sciatica, the McKenzie method (specific exercises for postural correction to reduce pain) has demonstrated its effectiveness.

Backache: which solution?


Other techniques can be proposed as the Mezieres method: stretching postures that relax the muscle chains. The physios have several types of treatment for many kinds of pain.

Massages: “This is the essential technique. Massages help release muscle, heat the pain areas to stretch it out which trigger the pain area to be more comfortable. An undeniable relief varies from people.

Rehabilitation: for back pain, rest is harmful. The patient must learn to move without getting hurt. On the program: strength training, stretching and postural exercises will be helpful.

Analgesic Electrotherapy: TENS devices (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is effective on all types of pain, with a good level of scientific evidence. The passage of a low frequency electric current boosts endorphins by the body, calming hormones which reduce pain. Continue reading “Backache: Electrical Stimulation to Treat Low Back Pain” »

Buying your purse, it’s a bit like your trademark: the first thing that is noticed and it speaks for yourself about your lifestyle, your tastes and your personality. You do not have the right to make mistakes! So to avoid bad taste, follow our tips for choosing your bag at all times.

The color of your bag and reasons

Black indicates the choice of security because this color goes with everything and happens in all situations. The color reveals assertive personalities, the crocodile is a sign of luxury, synthetic emphasizes the practical side, the printed animals will get you noticed, and small patterns are signs of delicacy. The sleeves accentuate femininity and shoulder bags sign simplicity.


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Colds, flu, croup and bronchiolitis are common respiratory diseases that may occur during the first 12 months of life and at any time during childhood. Asthma and pneumonia are serious diseases that can also occur during this period.

A cold

A cold often presents some typical symptoms, such as runny nose, lack of appetite and sore throat. Over 200 viruses can cause colds and viruses are spread from person to person through contaminated hands or objects. Cold symptoms last for about a week and the virus is contagious during this period.


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Healthcare professionals find that they focus primarily on the patient is unnecessary. But for health care providers, insurers and patients, it is still looking for their attitude in the changing health care landscape.

Ask a doctor, home care assistant or surgeon if he or she is in patient-centered place and you get a resounding ‘yes’. Healthcare professionals may find the question superfluous, health care providers, insurers and patients are seeking a new attitude because now there are so many changes in healthcare. Neighborhood care appears to be flat, personal organization have found new attitude. Alexander Monro, The Breast Cancer Hospital is another example of an organization that was started from scratch and besides providing the best care with all the possible marketing techniques out of the closet which has really pulled out to make contact with the patient.

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Millions of Americans could save thousands of dollars – and quite possibly their homes – by refinancing in today’s lucratively low mortgage rates. And quite surprisingly, many of them aren’t even applying. It is estimated that about one in five homeowners who are behind in their monthly payments are trapped by interested rates greater than 8%. Compare that to today’s mortgage rates, which are hovering around the 4% mark (according to NeighborWorks, a nonprofit community development group) – that’s double the rate!

Why Don’t Home Owners Refinance

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