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When I am at home, there are many things that I enjoy doing.  Here are a few fun yet relaxing activities that I would recommend. 

As a young, Christian woman, I enjoy reading my Bible during my alone time.  I find that, it is when I am relaxed and distractions are lessened that I can truly receive and understand what God is speaking to me through His word. 

Another activity that I enjoy during my alone time is dancing.  I have never taken a dance class.  I often joke that I have two left feet, but when I am by myself, I am free to spin and dance and be as goofy as I please.  Usually, I have so many things on my mind. Dancing allows me to focus on the movements of my body instead of the burdens that are on my mind.

Sing! That’s right!  Let it out! Whether you are an accomplished opera star or one of those who constantly serenades the shower faucet, just sing!  Lately, I have discovered the karaoke videos on YouTube and MySpace.  I get hours of entertainment playing with those videos.  Everything from Rolling Stones to Nat King Cole to Disney, I can find it on the internet.  Singing gives me an outlet by which to express myself.  I can completely release my anxiety, what I feel is expected of me, and just sing.  My advice to you is to sing often and sing loud.

Work on a craft project.  For me, crocheting is really relaxing.  I enjoy crocheting while I am watching TV or while I am chatting online.  I enjoy craft projects because they are usually something I want to do and not something that I am obligated to do.

Teach yourself a new language.  Although some people prefer Rosetta Stone, there are many free sites that you can visit in order to learn a new language.  There are also books and cds that you can rent from your local library to hone your language skills.  If you are planning to visit Africa or if you just want to flirt with the hot French guy across the street, then language studies could prove to be highly beneficial.  During your alone time, you can practice speaking to your heart’s content.  You do not have to worry about being judged.  You can simply enjoy learning.

When I am at home, I find that sometimes I need to relax.  Yet, more often than not, I find that I need to release energy.  When you are alone at home, take the opportunity to relax as well as the opportunity to express yourself in such a way that no self-consciousness can hold you back.            

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