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Have you ever been stalked on the streets? Have you ever received a phone call from a total stranger? These situations would probably scare you, especially if you are a girl. Because of these incidents, people who are being stalked often live in fear of possible danger that awaits them. Being stalked entails someone who does not introduce himself to the person and follows the person's every move and keeps tabs of the person's routines. Some stalkers are harmless, though some are dangerous because they have become pathological followers who may end up hurting or killing you if you do not submit to their demands once they show up.

In line with this, people who are being stalked can still maintain their safety by employing a number of safe practices. First, if you have a feeling that you are being stalked for the first time, do not be afraid to inform someone who can be trusted that you are being stalked. This entrusted someone can be a close friend who you can inform of your whereabouts. In return, this friend can also keep track of you. Hence, when you are in danger, you can easily call your friend. Also, your friend will be alerted and will be able to help you as soon as possible.

Second, it is also recommended to bring protective weapons or devices such as peppermint sprays and stun guns. These devices are easily accessible and available for purchase in shopping malls. Be sure to keep these with you in whatever bag you bring. Also, ensure that you keep them in the same pocket every time so that you can easily grab this when you feel that your stalker is about to attack you.

Third, be courageous enough to call and shout for help when you are already faced in a dangerous situation with your stalker. Also, do not act meek and helpless in the presence of your stalker. Showing weakness and helplessness will trigger the stalker's urge to scare you more. Furthermore, if you let fear overcome you, this will render you motionless hence you will not be able to protect yourself. Also, even if there is no actual danger yet but you feel the presence of the stalker, move to a safe place such as an open convenience store. Let your time pass there or better yet, call a family member to fetch you from the place. This may sound as an overreaction to a perceived threat. However, remember that it is better to act paranoid than regret being a victim later on.

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