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Benefits of Living together before Marriage

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"Benefits of Living together before Marriage"
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Traditionally, most couples did not live together until after they were married. These days, this tradition is becoming far less common and in fact, moving in together is often seen as the most significant step prior to considering marriage. There are many benefits for a couple to live together prior to marriage, with such benefits often outweighing the negative factors.

Living together is a massive step for any couple of take. It involves one of the greatest periods of change an individual will experience in life, often second only to having children. Moving in together requires a significant amount of adjustment on both parts, with the couple having to learn how to live together, and function as a unit, rather than independently, as they had previously done so. This process can take time and often comes with many learning curves and possible arguments. It is a period of time that takes most people right out of their comfort zone, but if all goes to plan, the end result is often a very positive experience.

When given the opportunity to live with your partner, you are able to learn aspects about them that you may not have known otherwise. By being around this person night and day, you experience the habits they may have had in private, that you would never have seen before. By being able to experience these private moments with your partner, it can really help to develop the bond between you and bring you closer overall as a couple. You will develop greater understanding of your partner as a person and eventually your own traits should hopefully work in with your partner's so that everything flows well in the household.

Living together before marriage often gives couples the chance to develop a budget and experiencing in managing combined finances. This is a very important skill to have when entering marriage, as money problems are often one of the biggest causes of conflict in a relationship. You will also be able to determine how you wish your fiances to work, whether it be opening a joint account, or maintaining your financial independence and contributing where needed. It is important to have such a plan in place before marriage, so it does not become an issue after the fact.

Unfortunately, once couples move in together, there are times when two people may realise they are not as compatible as they originally thought. It may be that they cannot find a happy balance to maintain peace in the household, or certain traits their partner has bother them to the point where toleration is not an option. If this is the case, you may learn you are not suited as a couple and therefore can go your separate ways before something as serious as marriage occurs between you. This may not sound like a benefit, but when considering the cost of divorce, it is definitely beneficial to know you work together as a couple in all possible ways before marriage, and living together is a vital factor in this equation.

Although for some couples, moving in after marriage works perfectly well, for most, the benefits of this experience prior to making the commitment of marriage is preferable. It can assist you in developing the communication skills you need to have a long and successful marriage.

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