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Best Places for a first Date in Denver Colorado

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"Best Places for a first Date in Denver Colorado"
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First dates are important. Making the mistake of not planning your romantic outing could turn what ought to be an intriguing adventure into a depressing disaster. Coming up with an agenda in advance will also spare you this tense conversation; "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Your new love interest will be impressed when you have some options to present. If you live near the Denver area, here are a few suggestions for making your date memorable and fun:


Getting to know someone over a meal in a beautiful and relaxing environment is always a safe route to take. Denver has so many restaurants that are special. If you want a place with delicious food and a contemporary atmosphere, let me recommend Vesta dipping grill. This is on my list of the top five restaurants of all time. The food is incredible. Basically you pick a meat and five dipping sauces. They have a huge list of exotic gourmet sauces that are absolutely amazing. The environment is fun and pleasant. This place is ideal for having a leisurely dinner and lively conversation. They serve vegetarian friendly fare as well. Look them up on line at A truly unforgettable place to have a meal is the Moroccan restaurant Mataam Fez. Here you can share a sumptuous meal while you sit on plump pillows in a posh "Arabian Nights" setting. The experience is complete with music and belly dancer. Check them out at Both of these options are on the expensive side and are very romantic. If you
want something a bit easier on the pocketbook and more lighthearted and fun, then you need to go to Casa Bonita. The food isn't stellar but it is edible. The atmosphere is the real reason why you would want to go here. The whole place is decorated like a Mexican wonderland inside. There is an indoor waterfall with divers, several arcades, mariachi bands, and a spooky cave to explore. Look them up at


Spending an afternoon out together doing something interesting is also a great idea. Denver has a zoo, aquarium, art museum, and natural history museum that are all fun places to explore with a partner. You could see a baseball, football, or basketball game, depending on the season. You could attend a concert or a show at one of the many venues in town. You might plan a trip to Water World or Elitch Gardens, two local amusement parks. You could plan to go biking or just take a walk at one of the many parks around. In Denver you are just about an hour away from some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. Pack up a picnic and take your date out into nature. You'll be able to talk while you drive and are sure to arrive at a picturesque destination. There are so many charming little towns on the way to the mountains. My favorite is Idaho Springs. If you head south of the city you could explore The Garden of the Gods together. This is a park of red rock formations that will take your breath away. If it is winter, why not have a ski date? If it is autumn, plan a trip to Aspen to be mesmerized by the one of a kind autumn foliage.

Denver is so versatile. It is one of a handful of cities that has just about everything fun to offer. With a little forethought, you are sure to come up with an idea for a first date that you'll both always remember with fondness.

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