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Can a Christian and a non Believer Make a Marriage Work

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"Can a Christian and a non Believer Make a Marriage Work"
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Christians often find themselves falling in love with someone who is a non-believer in God. The two get married and find that there are major differences in how they run their lives. Christians rely on the Bible to make decisions about their lives. God comes first. A non-believer runs his/her household in whatever fashion they feel like. There doesn’t have to be rhyme or reason to it.

When you marry someone who isn’t a believer and you are a Christian, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Although a Christian and non-believer can make the marriage work, it will be more difficult. The Christian will consistently pray that the person they love will find God and realize that God is the only answer. The non-believer will often work against the Christian partner because he/she simply does not believe that God exists.

As a Christian, you want to serve God. As a Christian married to a non-believer, you are going against what God wants for you. When you have two Christians in the household, your household will be completely run on the faith that you have in God. If one of the partners doesn't believe in God, Satan has a better chance of taking over the household. As a Christian, that works against everything that you believe in.

God says that you cannot serve two Gods. There is only one God and you are to serve him. When you marry a non-believer you are more susceptible to putting God aside. Your household will end up in a shambles because you didn't keep your faith strong in him.

Raising children is another issues for Christians who are married to non-believers. There are specific ways to raise your children when you are a Christian. When you are a non-believer, you do things as the world does them. In other words, you allow Satan to rule what happens in your household and issues concerning the raising of your children. That is unacceptable to Christian standards of living.

You can make a marriage work even if you are a Christian and your partner is a non-believer. The unfortunate thing is that it usually turns out bad for the Christian. You are forcing an issue with God that you shouldn't be forcing to happen. You are supposed to marry someone that has belief in God and knows where they stand with him. That makes your married life work together like a well oiled machine rather than running as though it always needs more gas.


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