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Characteristic of a best Friend

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A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Some of us have only a few close friends while others have many acquaintances yet few close friends. Among all these friends and acquaintances we hope to have for most of our lives one friend who is closest of all, our best friend. The Bible even presents us with the example of the disciple John. He was the closest of all Jesus’ companions and known as “the beloved disciple.”

It is not uncommon for people to say their spouse is there best friend. This seems as it should be. Otherwise one might imagine that the closeness of some other best friend could be a wedge between a husband and wife. Having a best friend of the opposite sex than our spouse is hard to imagine without marital conflict. On the other hand no one person can fill all of our emotional and social needs. A best friend of the same sex can be a great support in addition to our spouse.

All that might be said of friendship in general is true for our best friends, only more so. My favorite quality in friendship is this. A friend is someone who is glad you showed up and has no immediate plans for your improvement. This doesn’t mean that a friend is unconcerned with your growth as a person, your health and well being etc. It just means he or she accepts you as you are and is willing to let you be your own person and will support you in all your endeavors.

A best friend likes to be in your company and you in theirs. Yet, they respect your need for space and are not “needy” when you want to be left alone.

A best friend is a good listener. They are the first person you turn to when you have a problem to solve or a burden to share. The “stick close” when the going gets tough and when there are unpleasant tasks to do.

These qualities are even more important when you are single. Our society is so very mobile that many singles do not have family who live near. Sooner or later we all need a ride from the doctor or dentist office. Sooner or later the car breaks down and you don’t know who else to call. Sooner or later there is an emergency in the middle of the night. It is your best friend, whose number you know by heart that you call for help.

In short, your best friend is the one with whom your share your life and whom you can depend on in times of crisis.

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