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Dangers of Women being Financially Dependent on Men

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"Dangers of Women being Financially Dependent on Men"
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Women have come a long way since the 1960's and 1970's. The Women's Right's movement made certain that women have more rights and more equality in the United States. Women are now able to make enough money to survive on and lead their own lives apart from men if they choose to do so. In other words, women are more independent on themselves today and much less dependent on men. There are some women that still rely on their male counterparts for nearly everything. Being too dependent on men can be dangerous for women though.

Dangers of Women Being Financially Dependent on Men:

Abuse- A woman who is too financially dependent on a man finds it much harder to extricate herself from the relationship. She will not have any job experience, making even harder for her to find proper work to take care of herself. This leads her to stay in a relationship that could possibly be dangerous for her. All women should learn how to be financially dependent from men so that they never feel they have to stay in an abusive relationship because of finances.

Control- When a woman is too financially dependent on a man, she gives him far too much control over her life. Being financially independent allows her the freedom to choose what she wants to do with her own money. She doesn't have to ask the man for any money and she doesn't have to ask what she can buy or even explain why she wants to buy it. A woman should never give that much control of her life to a man.

Death of Spouse/Mate- If a woman has become too financially dependent on a man, she is in a world of trouble if something happens to her spouse or mate. She won't have a clue how to handle the finances and may not even be able to earn a living at that point. She has spent all of her time taking care of the family. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your family. You should keep in mind how not learning how to be financially independent from men can harm you in the future.

Divorce- Being in love is fine and dandy but there will come a time that love will be tried. Over half of the marriages in the United States will end in divorce because the couples couldn't overcome their differences. If you are financially dependent on a man and end up getting a divorce, you will end up in the position of struggling to survive. It danger of being too financially dependent on men is that you will have to change your lifestyle completely if the relationship ends. You might not think that the relationship will ever end, however, you should never overlook the possibility.

There is nothing wrong with a woman having a good relationship with a man. There are a lot of things wrong with not being able to take care of yourself. If you have never worked outside the home, you could find yourself in the position of scraping and scrapping in order to survive. Make life easier on yourself by becoming less dependent on men and more dependent on your own resources.


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