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Dating Tips for Workaholics

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"Dating Tips for Workaholics"
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Workaholics need a love life too. Dating may seem an impossible task if you are a workaholic. Nothing is impossible if you really want it to happen. It only seems like you have to work seven days a week. The reality is you are too tired from the daily job grind, to even contemplate planning a date. Take a look at your week and find where your down time is located. Plan your dates for mid-week; if that is the only time you have a day off.

Dating tips for the workaholic

• You control your love life, not your employer. Make room in your busy schedule for a little rest and relaxation. If you have two hours free in your day, ask that special someone to join you for lunch or dinner. Your date does not have to be at a fancy dining restaurant. A quick take-out meal in the park is a great date for the workaholic.

• If your job takes you on frequent business trips, include your romantic partner for the weekend. Your partner can shop or just lounge at the hotel, while you are working. Plan dining or dancing around your schedule and your date will be a success.

• Married couples, who pass like ships in the night, need a date night too. If you are too tired to go out after work, make your date night happen in the home.  If you have children, send them to the grandparents for an overnight visit. Now you have the entire night to indulge yourselves in a romantic interlude.

• If you are a workaholic and have a date planned, don't cancel it to accommodate your job. This will become a problem in your relationship eventually. Keep yourself balanced between your career and your love life. If you don't make the time to socialize away from the workplace, you may end up wealthy, but very lonely.

Workaholics fit into two categories; people who need the extra income to survive, and people who are running away from their personal life at home. If you find yourself over-worked and unable to go out on dates, maybe it is time to re-visit your monthly budget. Do you really need to cram in those extra work hours? If you can trim your budget, you may be able to take some extra days off work during the month.

Using time away from work wisely, will help you ink in some date nights on your calendar. Don't let work become your entire life. Everyone needs a time-out to refresh and socialize. 

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