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Dating with Small Children does your new Boyfriend want to be a Father

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"Dating with Small Children does your new Boyfriend want to be a Father"
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Dating in today's world can be difficult as it is, but when you throw children in the mix it can make it that much harder. The smaller the children, the more difficult you may find it, but don't fret just yet - there are quite a few men out there who will want to be a part of your life - and your children's so long as you have some patience.

First thing you should do, is never introduce your child(ren) to a new man immediately. Make sure whomever you introduce your child to, you are comfortable with, and it's someone you plan to keep around for a while. Otherwise, your child may get attached, making a breakup harder.

Next, make sure the man you chose is ready to meet your children. You'll find most men really love children, but they need to be ready to meet your child. Don't force the issue, or you may lose a potentially great man. Just because a man doesn't want to take on your children the on your first date, doesn't mean they won't come around. Men take a little more time than women quite often when it comes to the family situation.

When you do find your special someone, make certain you plan some fun things to do, for both your children and your new man. Some men feel that once you have children, you are "tied down". Be sure and let someone without kids know that it isn't always the case.

Lastly, and most importantly, be up front from day one. No man likes when you aren't totally honest with them about anything, let alone children. I have come across a lot of men who are truly looking to settle down and have a family.

So long as you are patient, dating when you have small children doesn't have to be difficult, and once you make the decision to do so, you will find the same thing.

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