Dealing with a Mother who Complains

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"Dealing with a Mother who Complains"
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Dealing with a mother who complains

Mother's are some of the greatest people we'll ever have in our lives. However, mothers are not perfect nor are their children. Someone who complains always do it because they expect perfection, or it could be because they want things to go their way. Mothers, don't complain because they hate their children, but they do it out of love and wanting the best for their children, even though it annoys their children, like if you were to drag your nail against a chalk board, grin and bear it, until her next complaint.

I remember times when my mother complained about the clothes I wore or the way I wore my hair. At the time I was angry with her. Although, now I know she wanted me to look my best and at the time I was lacking in that department. Some mothers who complain have made a habit out of complaining, they don't know any better and I guess that keeps many going when they call up your aunt or their best friend to complain about your new boyfriend who has these awful tattoo's all over his arms and also drives a motorcycle like he's Evel Knievel, with you riding on the back dressed like Lara Croft on Tomb Raiders.

The best way to deal with a mother who complains is to let them know how their complaints of you make you feel, tell them that they should accept who you are, because you will not change. If you're not running around hurting anyone, and your mother doesn't have to put up bail, she shouldn't have a thing to complain about.

A mothers worst nightmare is if her children doesn't succeed and be happy in life. Most parents want that for their children and when their children are taking different paths in life that the parents don't approve, of automatically this leads to protest and complaints from the parents.

"Have you ever had your mother come into your house or apartment and complain about the curtains you have up to your windows?" notice, I said YOUR windows. and what about a mother who complains about the way you raise your children. There have been mothers who've complained because they want to control their children. However, her plans to control you has been thwarted by your determination to control your own life the way you see best. You have to come to a realization that your mother loves you and she wants whats best for you, no harm done. Live your life as a decent person and if your mother still complains, don't sweat it. Invite her over for tea and scones so that she can see the mess you've made of your life.

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