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Different Ways to Kiss a Guy

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"Different Ways to Kiss a Guy"
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A touch is not just a touch, an embrace is not just an embrace, and a kiss is not just a kiss. Girls should be very aware of the different ways that they can kiss guys and the meanings that the receiver of their kisses may be attaching to them. There are several different types of kisses and with each, there are commonly accepted meanings (or intentions) presumed by them.

Although society generally assumes that guys are more apt to kiss and/or be kissed without emotional response or attachments being formed, this is not necessarily true. In fact, there is no more truth in this than there is in the assumption that girls who are quick to kiss or be kissed are "loose" or immoral. These stereotypes are easy to make, but not so easy to prove or justify. Guys are just as fast to make links between certain types of kisses and their potential meanings as girls are. The following are some of the common ways or types of kisses and the meanings that are generally attached to them, by both genders.

*The Friendly Kiss

The friendly kiss is usually given on the cheek. If it is given on the mouth, it will be quick and never involve anything but the closed lips. This kiss will not typically indicate anything but close friendship and warmth.

*The First Date Kiss

The first date may or may not involve a kiss, but when it does, it is usually closed mouth, but may last longer than a moment. It might become more than that, but this then indicates that it is more than just a "getting to know you" type of kiss. The first date that involves a kiss usually tells the guy that a second date will be accepted and is desired.

*The Good Night Kiss

The good night kiss is often going to be given with an open mouth, but will not go on too long. It is not as simple as the first date kiss, nor is it as intense as the intimate kiss. It tells the guy that you are quite interested in him, but does not mean that you are committing to a long future together, necessarily. It also does not need indicate a willingness to go further than the kiss.

*The Intimate Kiss

The intimate kiss holds much more meaning than any of the former ones. It is given and received with the mouths opened, the bodies close and embracing, and eye contact both before and after. There is a bonding that occurs with the intimate kiss that indicates there is a relationship of some sort that extends beyond the casual friendship or just a slight interest.

*The Foreplay Kiss

The foreplay kiss involves more than the mouth. There is often fondling and other touching going on. The kissing may not be limited to the mouth alone. This kiss is part of the precursor to sexual intimacy and the guy receiving it is completely normal to anticipate that the physical union will happen and that there is some emotion attached to it. They also would be right in expecting that there is a commitment of some sort.

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