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Falling in Love after 65

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"Falling in Love after 65"
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Falling in Love after 65

I asked several ladies over 65 what kind of man they could fall in love with; they all said 2 words: "Younger Men". I also asked a few guys of my generation (what kind of woman, of course) and their answer was strikingly similar: "Younger Women."
When we are between 20 and 40 years old, we falsely believe (sometimes) that elderly persons no longer fall in love. After all, what's the purpose? They can't have more children and the sex, while good if everything functions well, is rather infrequent.
Now we have all seen those very rich old men with beautiful and curvaceous blondes on their arm. The late Nicole Smith comes to mind. It's a fact they all profess undying love for their older husband; at least in public. But it's a sure recipe for infidelity, from her of course, what did you think?
For us ordinary middle-class mortals over 65, finding love with a much younger woman is like finding life on Mars. If you get it, you are the luckiest man alive. She is special, she is unique; she actually wants to be with you and she doesn't mind the difference in age or the fact that you don't have a couple of millions in the bank. She can also remain faithful and enjoys the occasional sexual bout. For her, a solid and dependable husband, however long he may live, is the most important factor. She finds a father, a friend, a mentor and a loving husband all wrapped up in one neat package. Hang on to her!
Older women don't seem to be attracted to senior male citizens, except as possible companions with whom to share their last years. For a woman who is between 65 and 75, sex is no problem; they can enjoy it as often as they like, except for one little problem: finding a willing partner. Even the married ones discover that their husbands prefer golf to sex for the simple reason that they ran out of Viagra; no, seriously, when you are 70 or older, you let your eyes do the talking. The physical part requires too much energy. We could say that one relives some exciting memories, being careful to maintain the blood pressure in check. If you are the exception to that rule, congratulations, let me know, please!
But for the vast majority of older folks, finding true love after 65 is a daunting task, unless you already have it. Be happy that you have grandchildren who love you; enjoy them just like you see in the commercials about aching joints.
Be very careful; some younger women will want to play with your feelings, knowing that you are attracted to 40 something ladies who maintain a certain youthful beauty. They are professional teasers who make you believe they are interested in you. They may even be married with children. They are usually motivated by a pathological need to hear that they are beautiful and attractive. They are scared of losing their youth, as if they could avoid it. Their ego is flattered by your compliments and/or little gifts. In reality, all they want is to manipulate your feelings to their advantage and maybe receive a couple of expensive gifts. Some of them are excited by the chance that their husband will discover their little adventure; they will then tell him that you are just an old fool who keeps stalking her. What could she possibly want with a man old enough to be her father?
The same thing applies to 40 something studs who see potential victims among single grandmas. They will do anything to make them believe that they are actually in love. There is a great danger that the lady will succumb to his charms and eventually give him a "loan" so he can continue his studies. She'll be lucky if she escapes with some money and dignity.

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