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Career is NEVER more important than family. As you start out on your life path, there may be times that you feel that the focus is more intense on your career, but do not mistake the importance of creating a career over that of family values.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

As we move through life we are so divulged with information on working toward a career that we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. Focusing on your career for a period of time, while you set goals toward your future is commendable. If you find yourself in such a situation, then of course grasp it with both hands and strive to set yourself up as best you can for the future. However, remember that career paths change as you develop and grow into different roles. Family changes as well, your values and your involvement change as you grow, but as a career may come and go, developing a family is something that will stay with you forever, it will be the depth of why you have a career and why you choose to do what you do.

Our focus on a Career usually starts in High School where we are consistently reminded about focusing on our career, focusing on grades, goals and going onto college. Be sure you are considering all options and take the time to discuss your plans with three major sources, your parents, a mentor(maybe a teacher or family friend) and lastly, someone that has worked in the field that you want to go into, make your choices as real as possible. Listen to and take note of all the positives and negatives. If on the road to your career your a thrown some curve balls, then learn to manoeuvre around them to complete your goal. The most important things in life are usually the most difficult to achieve, but when you do, they are all the more worthwhile. It is important to understand while you move through the process of obtaining a career it is usually family that is your support mechanism, the ones that are there when everyone else gets fed up with the process. Why? because they are family and simply we tend to forget this.

Careers may need you to move and adjust to their need. Your family will adjust and move to your need. You can not ask a career for loving, no matter how much you love your career. Your family will give you unlimited love and you may never need to ask for it.

Be sure not to over compensate your need for a career to compensate not needing a family. If you think family is a huge commitment, then consider what you are doing for your career.

At the end of the day there should be a balance between family and career that is supportive and healthy.

Your greatest career move ever will be your family.

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