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Finding Peace after a Divorce

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"Finding Peace after a Divorce"
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Finding peace after a divorce may require a spring cleaning of your heart and soul. It is hard to let go of treasured memories that remind us of the good times. When a marriage is truly over, both legally and emotionally, it is better to move on than to look back. There is nothing in the past that can change your current situation. Being honest with yourself, is the first step towards a peaceful acceptance of the end of your marriage.

You will not find peace if you continue fighting with your ex-spouse. Resolve the legal aspects of your divorce in an amicable fashion. This will help you stay focused on more important emotional issues. If you spouse is being unreasonable, don't let their issues take away your peace of mind. It is never easy saying good-bye to love, but you will need to file any love that remains for your ex spouse, in a closed off part of your heart.

Finding peace in your heart will help you survive after your spouse has left.  It is not a good idea to rush into another relationship right after a divorce. Your heart will let you know when it is time to look for romance again. You do not need to be part of a marriage, to be a vital and loving person.

Passage of time will help you discover a peaceful path again.  Harboring feelings of resentment or anger against your ex partner, will not allow true peace to enter into your life. Let go of all the hurt and pain, and let your heart get ready for new adventures that await it.

Once your divorce is final, make sure you keep socially active. Make dinner dates with friends and family or join a club that meets your interests. Whatever you do, don't sit and pine for what might have been. A peaceful heart lives in the here and now and accepts what comes into your life. Try not to walk down the memory lane of your past marriage too often; it will only cause you more pain.

Life is just a series of changes that happen over many years. Learning to accept what we cannot change, will keep our spirits high and at peace with the world around us. We can take comfort that we are all on the same, well-traveled path of life.  People get married, divorced and then find love again. When your life changes, don't let those changes take away the wonderful peace you have found inside yourself.

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