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You can spot the drama queens from a mile away.  They always want it to be about them.  They may grab on to every little thing, and they get very emotional.  They like to make scenes and have the attention on them.  The thing is that a lot of times, these people do not even realize that they are drama queens.  The following are tips for avoiding turning into such a person.

Do not "freak out" every time something happens

Many drama queens do not react - they overreact.  If something goes wrong, they may wail and sob about it. If something small happens, they may act like it is a tragedy of cosmic proportions.  If you want to avoid this, then you should think about your reactions to things.  Many times this overreaction is inherent and you might not even realize that you are doing it. To stop the cycle, try to tamper down these.  When you feel that you are starting to get worked up, then truly think - is this worth this reaction?  Is this a major thing or is it really a small thing?  Think about the words you say.  If you gasp and always have a loud "Holy cow" expression, then try to replace it with something else. 

Try to be more serene and quiet

Many drama queens are quite loud.  They might like to have everyone focused on them no matter whether it is good - or bad - attention.  Try to make your reactions a little quieter. 

Let others take the spotlight

Other people want to be in the spotlight too.  If someone else is having a special day, then let others dote on them.  Listen to others when they are having a problem.  Do not always call attention to yourself, especially when someone else has some issues or something that they are going through. 

Ask others to tell you when you are displaying "drama queen" behavior

It can be difficult to spot when you are acting like a drama queen, especially if it is just a natural inclination.  To avoid becoming this, you might want to ask your family and friends to tell you if you start to act in this manner.  You can then take steps to change the behavior.

You may have difficulty keeping friends if you become known as the drama queen. Consider the above advice to help prevent this from occurring.

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