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"Fun Grandma Names for Modern Grandmothers"
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There are several reasons people are looking for fun grandma names to call modern grandmothers these days. Families are often blended and grandmothers may not be blood relatives, or are from a completely different culture which means that the usual names used don’t seem right. At the same time most children have two grandmothers to consider. It makes sense to call them both something different so that children are aware of which one is being referred to in conversation.

Up until a little while ago the common alternative names for a grandma were grannie, nanny or nanna. These names may still be used, but many people consider them old fashioned and want names they think sound more fun and modern.

One way to choose a different name is to consider what grandmothers are called in different countries and adopt a name which is liked. For example some grandmas are being called oma, which is German, nonna, which is Italian or bepe, which is Fresian and is pronounced be-pa.

Alternatively children may inadvertently name their grandmother themselves via a slip of the tongue or by using a cute word they come out with without being prompted to do so. Some children refer to their grandmother by using the word grannie followed by a hobby they associate with her. For example grannie flowers may be used for a grandmother who loves growing flowers, or grannie cookies may become the name used by a grandmother who loves baking.

Grandmothers can also be given names used for powerful, friendly, wise, or respected women in folk tales, myths and legends. Picking such a name which fits in with a particular grandmothers personality can be fun. For example in Slavic mythology Baba-Yaga is the name given to a powerful old woman who is respected. Another name which could be used is Hippolyta, who was the leader of the Amazons.

If a grandmother with a sense of humor doesn’t mind, you may want to name her after a famous witch such as Elvira, who often appears in funny horror movies, Glinda, who is the good witch from the North, or Elphaba who is a wicked witch.

Grannies who are particularly lovely may like to be named after fairies. Pretty names such as Alura, who is an elf of peace, Abella, who is beautiful or Caelia, who is a fairy queen may be suitable. Other lovely fairy names are Delicia, who is delightful, Jarita who is fiercely protective or Trixie, who makes people happy.

As you can see there are many names you can give to a grandmother. Some are slightly wicked, while others are lovely and beautiful, or relate to a grannies hobbies or likes, or dislikes. Calling a grandmother a name no one else uses will make her unique. It will also mean that when her grandchild calls for her lots of other grannies don’t answer too.

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