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Fun Things to do in Bed

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Fun things to do in bed...
Keeping the fun alive and well in the bedroom is the responsibility of both partners! As we age our sexual urges change, don't let this important part of your physical well- being deteriorate.

Environment is crucial, have you let your bedroom become just a place to sleep; turn it into a place that is conducive to romance! Sit down with your partner and discuss options, if your love life has become mundane, then agree to a complete makeover. Change your decor and open your mind. Scented candles, fresh crisp clean sheets, and extra pillows, soft lighting, a table top fountain, fresh rose in a bud vase are just a few items to consider adding.Any men reading will score big points if you consider bringing home an occasional rose or other favorite flower!

The following is a brief list of ideas you may want to consider introducing to your bedroom;

Picnic naked include favorite foods like; chocolate, fruit,!

Watch a very romantic movie...try soft porn for inspiration!

Mutual naked massages with various creams, oils!

Try some of the new style condoms, ribbed, heat-activated, etc...

Together visit an adult store,fortify with some liquid courage...

Purchase a new vibrator type toy.

Enjoy vibrations that are difficult for fingers and tongues to replicate!

There are also books on different positions, browse or buy one!

Gentle touching is pleasant, try feathers for a different sensation.

Have fun with oral stimulation; try a glass of ice water and a hot beverage.

Take turns with leading the pace!

Use different locations to initiate foreplay!

Try your own garage or your backyard or balcony at night....

Use a variety of pillows for different positions.

Foreplay standing this can provide easier access to sensitive zones.

Talk is very important; let your partner know you are enjoying yourself.

The occasional "Quickies" can add some spice.

Dress provocatively for your partner, step outside of your usual wardrobe.

Adjust temperature,open the window open in the winter...cuddle to get warm.

Indulge in your own private mental fantasy!

Pretend to be someone different, or pretend your partner is someone else.

Praise each other's performance!

Spend time in bed together, reading, talking, napping together!

Don't put your best efforts forward just for others, arrive in the bed freshly showered, pleasantly scented, with fresh breath and clean teeth.
Try not to fall into a predictable routine with your lovemaking.Strive to be unpredictable. Discuss any hang-ups you may have outside of the bedroom. Communication and understanding are key components to a satisfying love life.

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