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Fun Things to Try in the Bedroom (or anywhere else);

Looking to spice up your sex life? Here are some fun things to try. Some you may enjoy. Some you may not. Some may surprise you. Only one way to find out!

Kiss, touch, caress.. do anything but have intercourse.

Touch each other using only your mouths (lips, tongue, teeth and even breath all permissible), no hands allowed!

Make it a goal to have sex in every room in the house. Or even better, on every surface!

Have a contest to see who can hold out the longest during sex. Negotiate a prize to make it really interesting and worth the effort.

Try some body paints and decorate each other from head to toe. Also available are edible paints just to make clean up a little more interesting. Pictures at your discretion

Groom each other. This can be very intimate, Shower, bath, sponge bath, shave, manicure, pedicure are just some ideas.

Role-play. Ok, this one I am sure you have heard before. But if you really get into it, it can be quite.. rewarding. Trust me. Feel free to use setup (before you get into the bedroom or where ever) and even costumes!

Phone sex. Make sure that you have the privacy that you may require to fully immerse yourselves into this one. There's nothing worse than having someone walk into the room.

Tell and story. Set a scene and draw out the details.

Enjoy your food. Again, you've heard this before. Some suggestions (on the tamer side) strawberries (or any kind of fruit) dipped in chocolate, whipped cream or honey are always good choices. Feel free to use your imagination.

Leave the house. Go outside and find a secluded spot. Try your car (remember when you were a teenager?)

Dress for the occasion. Lingerie is an old standard but usually effective. This can range from anything from sexy, sluty, sweet, romantic, hardcore and even extended into props. It could even involve cellophane or just a bow!

Make a list of every position you can think of and work on crossing a new one off each time.

The important thing is to be safe, use your imagination and have fun!

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