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Habits of Office Colleagues that can be Irritating

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"Habits of Office Colleagues that can be Irritating"
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Our colleagues, in the work place are with us for long periods of time during our work day. It is not surprising,eventually they may do or say something that may be annoying or irritating to us.  A colleague that constantly complains about the work or the boss can be a drain and very irritating to you, during your eight hour plus work day.  We don't want our colleagues, to sabotage our careers with their poor work habits or complaining endlessly.

These colleagues love to vent and gain sympathy, regarding their personal problems a their jobs. These people tend to, not complete their work in a timely fashion and will often hinder the progress of their colleagues. These colleagues, may try and steal the credit or acclaim for your hard work or even spread untruths. 

Some may have encountered colleagues that engage in inappropriate behavior. Flirting may be an unwanted irritation.  How ever, their are laws in place that forbid sexual harassment from your colleagues.Working,with these type of people, is often irritating and unproductive as well.Very seldom do they carry their share of the work, yet they wish to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work. 

The term "going postal"  relates to co-workers or colleagues engaged in a dispute, that often ends in violence. We must guard against disputes,that may result in this type of behavior. These type of events have been reported,quite frequently on the evening news.

Still another, irritation would be a colleague,who pretends they know their position, but clearly, is way out of their league. At these times, you might wish they might keep their mouth shut and allow the professionals to handle the business at hand.

Last but not least is a colleague, who offers an excuse for every incident, that does not turn out well. A colleague, that is continually in the habit of passing the buck or laying blame elsewhere or totally shuns any responsibility is a big nuisance and quite annoying.

We all have worked with colleagues, that fostered one or more of these habits during our careers. How do we stay clear of these people and avoid the negativity, they bring to our work atmosphere? 

The answer is clear and profound.  Concentrate and focus on performing your best at work.  Remember, the powers that be, may be taking notice of your diligent work ethic.

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