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How Anger Destroys Relationships

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"How Anger Destroys Relationships"
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Run for cover! Displaying bursts of anger on a regular basis can arouse feelings of victimization. No one wants to become a victim of constant and endless angry attacks. These outbursts makes you want to go into hibernation until it all blows over. To keep the line of communication open, we all need to be able to listen to one another without hostility for a relationship to flourish and grow. Anger can paralyze your thought processes and limit your ability to think clearly and rationally. This could lead to things said that you may regret later, physical aggression, and loss of self-control. It's damaging to the relationship, for it can feel like there is no common ground to solve any kind of problem in an amicable fashion.

Anger can be very volatile and even self damaging to one's own peace of mind. The basis of anger form usually from a sense of fear, underlying insecurities, and feelings of unworthiness. Most people feel instantly like it's a personal attack and will react in a defensive manner. They will stand their ground to the other person backs down or else. The respect goes out the window and it comes down to who can hurt the other person the most. The consequences of this kind of behavior leaves a relationship in an unstable state.

An unforgiving state of anger can build a wall that no line of communication can break through it. It shuts down the part of us that can show forgiveness, compassion, and empathy on a temporary basis. It makes it harder to find your way back to a more gentle way of expressing your point of view without initiating old anger issues from popping up again. Then the cycle starts all over. You may feel very sorry after these angry explosions, but the damage has been done and the bounce back to harmony is a longer process.

Angry personal attacks of name calling, unproven accusations, and threats on you life can drain any relationship of real love and sensitivity of your feelings toward one another. Your trust levels goes down and all the apologies in the world can't take away the hurt and pain you have caused to this person's virtue. No one should have to live in a state of fear from angry aggression constantly. Find an outlet to vent the anger building inside in a healthy way. Soft words shows respect for each others thoughts, anger leads to an ugly end.

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