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How do you know when there is Chemistry in a Relationship

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"How do you know when there is Chemistry in a Relationship"
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How do you know if you have chemistry in a relationship? Chemistry is something that is very important, and if you have it you have a much better chance of the relationship going all the way to marriage. While chemistry in a relationship can be hard to find, and some may never find it, how do you know that you have it when you have finally found someone whom you have chemistry with? Here are a few ways that you can tell.

If you have good chemistry with someone, you won't have to think much about how you act around them. You are going to be open around this person because they will be more open around you as well, and you will be more accepting of the other person. This means that you are going to be able to just click, and you won't have as much of that awkward time in your relationship. In other words, you won't have to worry about being yourself because that is all you will need to be.

If you have good chemistry with someone, it won't be hard to find things to do together. Whether it be dinner out, or a movie in, you will just be able to have a good time, no matter what you are doing. It won't be so much the activity that is being done, but just spending time with the other person that will indicate that you have good chemistry. There will be that ability to just go out and have fun, and everything will seem fun when you're together.

If you have good chemistry ,chances are you are going to have good communcation. Both of you will know when something is wrong, something good has happened, or when something just isn't right. Talking out issues won't be hard, and you will be able to confide in each other without having to worry about being burned by it. Communication is the key aspect to knowing if you have chemistry, and you will know by that if you have it.

When you have good chemistry with someone, you will have a sense of freedom around them. You will just feel that you have met someone that is your soul mate, and you won't really doubt what you feel about them. The feelings that you have are going to be natural, and will just flow from you.

Chemistry is something that just happens, and if you have good chemistry you will know it. It isn't something that you can force, or something that you can make happen all the time. Chemistry is just something that occurs every so often, and you can't always predict when that will happen. If you have good chemistry with someone, you will know right off the bat, but it is certainly a rare thing to find.


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