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Men express their love through their actions, not necessarily through their words. If you are a female who is out in the dating scene, always remember this information, as it will be helpful to you.

When you get down to it, men are pretty simple creatures. They often are driven by their ambitions, and they like to have their needs met. Unlike women, they do not like long talks.

In fact, men are often uncomfortable expressing themselves through words. Now, this rule of thumb applies mainly when men are asked to express their feelings or their true thoughts.

After all, they tend to be are great with words when it comes to talking sports or making sarcastic comments. They are often comfortable talking about their achievements, glory days or careers.

Another way that men are good with words is when they are trying to charm a woman. Know that many men are masterful at figuring out what women want to hear, and saying it to achieve a goal.

Whether that goal is to get a first date, or get someone to engage in intimacy, a man's words in and of themselves are not to be trusted. They need to be backed consistently with actions.

For example, if your boyfriend tells you he loves you, do his actions also reflect that? Does he make time for you on the weekends, and try to please you at times? Does he consider your feelings in the words he chooses to use when talking with you?

Does he treat you as one of his top priorities, no matter how busy his work schedule? Does your guy show you respect in how he treats you?

On your birthday, does he make an effort to make you feel good? Does he show affection to you on a regular basis? Does he speak kindly of you to others? When arguing, does he play fair?

These are all things to consider when assessing your boyfriend and your relationship. Men express their emotions through their actions.

If your boyfriend or husband truly loves you, then his actions should convey overall respect, admiration and trust. He should treat you not just as a lover, but also as a friend and confidante.

He should take your needs into consideration when making big decisions that will affect both of you. He should be true to his word, and reliable. He should be someone whose character you admire.

If a man loves a woman, she will likely know by the way he looks at her and by the way he treats her. If his words reflect that, then that is an added bonus. But, words in and of themselves carry very little weight when it comes to matters of the heart, especially when they come from the mouths of men.

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