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How to be Vulnerable

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"How to be Vulnerable"
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In order to survive the harshness of life, we sometimes build barriers around us. To be vulnerable you have to allow yourself to break down these barriers and allow others to come closer to you. By sharing your feelings with others who have gone through similar experiences, you allow yourself to cry and show your vulnerability. This is a healing process and the sharing of your inner emotions and feelings with others helps to give you strength despite having shown your vulnerability. You begin to trust others and your own self confidence and strength grows too.

People respond better to those who are friendly and open rather than those who are private and prefer to keep to themselves. Allow yourself the privilege of being part of society where there are other people who try to cope in worse circumstances than you. Learn to share and care and this in itself will make you vulnerable towards your own feelings and to the feelings of others. Do not be scared of change and uncharted waters; trust yourself to take that first step.

Open your heart to love and to be loved. If you are lucky enough to have that special someone in your life show them how much you care whenever you get the opportunity. Love is one feeling that is free and grows the more you use it so use this gift freely and see it reciprocated. Do not worry about showing your partner your soft side, the side that feels things, has fears and worries. They will not love you any less for showing them this side, in fact their love and respect for you will grow as they will feel honoured that you have opened your heart to them. Vulnerability will improve communication channels as you share your thoughts and feelings with openess.

If there are health issues or other concerns that make you feel insecure or threatened, seek help. There are help lines and advice centres available for children, the elderly, the disabled or those who are abused, do not hesitate to take that help by showing that you are vulnerable and in need of it. This is your basic right as a human being.

Look at life from a different perspective. The only person who can bring about change in your life is you. Move forward from the past and do not be scared of being abused or hurt anymore. Open communication channels and learn to be pleasant, yet assertive so you can say no without feeling weak and pressured. Vulnerability opens new horizons as you accept yourself for who you are without any hang-ups and fears. Vulnerability does not imply weakness but shows strength of character of someone who wants to be truthful and honest towards their feelings without hiding them behind a mask.

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