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How to Cope with being a Loner being a Loner Spend Quality Time with yourself

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"How to Cope with being a Loner being a Loner Spend Quality Time with yourself"
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Βeing a loner, is no bed of roses. You have to deal with yourself and with the others who often cannot accept you the way you really are.  No matter how much you think about it,  it is often difficult to handle that situation properly.

How to cope with being a loner

1. Accept yourself for who you really are

More often than not, you cannot cope with being a loner, because you have not come to terms with who you really are. First step towards the right direction, is accepting yourself for who you really are.

You are a loner. Having your own  special emotional space and  keeping certain things and procedures for yourself, is necessary for you. There is no point in feeling bad over the fact that you are different from many other people you know. If everybody had the same needs, then this world would be too boring. Embrace yourself and stop trying to go against your own nature.

2.  Ask from others to respect your need for privacy

When others start pressuring you into following their own timetables and doing the things they want at their own pace, do not hesitate to speak up and set the record straight. Politely but firmly, explain to them that you have different needs, that they need to respect, one of them being your need for privacy.

They do not have to like your need for privacy, but they do have to accept it without forcing you to change it to fit better with them. If they are not willing to do that, then it might be best to keep a safe distance from them.

3. Spend quality time with yourself

Many loners do not really know what to do with themselves. They keep wasting their time wondering what makes them withdraw from other people, often beating themselves up for not being able to display the tenderness and affection that others expect from them.

What  those loners have not even considered, is that perhaps they need to express themselves in another way. Listening carefully to your inner voice, will help you realize what you need to do to express your feelings and thoughts properly. Spend ing some quality time with yourself will point you in the right direction.

Listen to music, read books, watch plays and movies by yourself and take some mental notes. Your subconscious will start working on those mental notes, and when the project is ready, you will realize what is the right way for you to express yourself.

Maybe it is some form of art, like painting, acting, singing, or even writing. Whatever it is, embrace it and try to show through that , everything you keep bottled up inside.

4. Visualize

When being a loner, take some time to visualize yourself in an ideal scenario. Think of al the things you want to do, the situations you would like to be in, and let your imagination guide you towards that direction. See yourself saying and doing the things he wants.

Record every detail, allow all the passion and intensity to shine through. Imagining that you have reached your goals will give you the incentive you need to start working on them, leaving all doubts and fears aside.

Being a loner may be a blessing in disguise. It is up to you to get in touch with the deepest parts of your heart and your mind and bring them to the surface.

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