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How to Deal with Men who Play Mind Games

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"How to Deal with Men who Play Mind Games"
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Dating a man that plays mind games is never easy. This is because knowing what he has truly been feeling during the relationship can be difficult. Most men that play mind games do so because they are afraid to lose the potential relationship that they are in.

Many of them do not have successful self-esteem that is sufficient to sustain a full-time romantic relationship. If a man feels that he is in control of his partner emotions, then he will be more secure in the idea that she will not leave.

Dating a man with control issues is often very frustrating. Women that can deal with such men had a very high level of tolerance for negative behavior. Usually these women fall in love with what a man could be rather then, what he is.

Dealing with this type of man is about confronting his negative behavior when he in the proper mindset. Most men are afraid of being emotionally vulnerable. Therefore, they try to control the emotions of their partner so that they never have to feel out of place.

Patience is very important when dealing with a man that is constantly playing mind games. He usually does not know how to be honest with himself or his partner.

Constantly asking the right questions can be helpful in finding the route cause surrounding all of his problems. Holding him accountable for his actions is also very important. It is certainly understandable to be forgiving when he is going through difficult emotional hardships. However when things become more abusive, it is important that the woman maintain positive boundaries.

If a man is not willing to go into counseling to deal with his emotional issues, the relationship should be terminated. This is true because it is not fair for a woman to have to never know the truth about her relationship. Emotional changes take a long time to take complete effect.

However as long as a man is trying to make positive progress, he should receive emotional support. If he backslides, it becomes extremely important to expect him to apologize and immediately attempt to make positive progress in getting things back on track.

Failure to do all of the necessary emotional work will result in the relationship failing eventually anyway. This is not something that either person wants to deal with, or the longer the relationship goes on the harder it will be to cope with letting go.

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