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How to Handle Nosy People

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"How to Handle Nosy People"
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Dealing with nosey people can be difficult, because they constantly want to know everything that going on around them. This happens because they are worried that if they miss something they will eventually no longer be popular. Furthermore, many of these people struggle with the idea that if they do not know everything they will somehow miss something important. You should only offer nosy people as much Information as you want them to have. Failure to communicate proper boundaries will leave you feeling frustrated when they are expecting information that they do not receive.

The best way to deal with someone with this problem is only offer information that they need to have. Be very careful and having conversations with them because otherwise they will use your conversations against you in the future. They do not mean to do this but the average nosy person thinks that knowledge is power. They are looking for a way to handle the world around them and if they know information, people will be more likely to want communication with them.

It is perfectly okay to tell someone that they do not need to know the information they are requesting. As long as you do this in a very sensitive way, you can keep the relationship going while keeping your boundaries together. Many nosy people are just lonely. If you constantly are telling them that they are important to you, they will be in better shape to be respectful of your boundaries. They want to feel important. Therefore, you can help this by always giving them positive reinforcement for the good things to that they have done throughout your relationship.

You can not operate under a double standard. This means you should always be honest with your intentions towards another person and if you do not want them to have information, you need to directly tell them this and not break your own rules. If you have a double standard, they will expect you to change your opinion when they ask for Information. This is only fair because they cannot control the impulse to have information exposed to them.

The best way to handle dealing with people that you do not want to have too much information is limit your contact with these people. This way you will still maintain a friendship but not offer sensitive information that can later be a detrimental factor in other personal relationships in your life.

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