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How to Handle Rejection of Reconcilliation with your Estranged Spouse

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"How to Handle Rejection of Reconcilliation with your Estranged Spouse"
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Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things that a couple will ever have to go through. There might come a time that you wish to reconcile the marriage. That is a normal reaction when you don't really want to see the marriage end. You should be prepared for the fact that your spouse may not want to reconcile the marriage though. There is a reason that you are going through the divorce.

Here is how to handle the rejection of reconciliation with your spouse:

Think Clearly

The most important thing you can do to handle the rejection of a spouse telling you that they don't want to reconcile is to keep things in perspective. List all the reasons why the marriage is falling apart and remember that though things seem bad at the moment, they won't always be that way. Life will get back on track and you will live a normal life again.

Hang Out with Friends

The rejection of reconciliation with your spouse can be hard to handle on your own. Hang out with your friends to help ease the burden you are feeling. Choose friends that are your own, not mutual friends that might go back and tell everything you say. You need to talk to people that are trustworthy to talk to. It can be hard to find friends like that, but they do exist. Try not to concentrate on the problem that you are having with the rejection you are feeling from your spouse though. Try to keep your mind of the situation because it isn't likely to change.


Counseling could be in order if you have a hard time dealing with the rejection of reconciliation with your spouse. When a marriage has ended, it can be hard to deal with the issue by yourself. Friends and family are good support systems but you can't overlook the good advice of someone who is outside looking in. This can help you work through your anger and frustration so that you can move on in a healthy manner.

Focus on your Life

If you have tried to reconcile with your spouse and have been rejected, it isn't the end of the world. You can get past it but you have to start focusing on your life without your spouse. In order to do that, you need to get into the game of life. That doesn't mean you have to go out and get right back into another relationship. In fact, you are probably better off if you wait before doing that. Focus on the things in your life that matter the most to you. If there is something you always wanted to do but put it off because of your spouse, maybe it's time to do those things now. Focusing on your life apart from your spouse will help you get over the rejection of reconciliation with your estranged spouse.

There are many ways that you can handle the rejection of reconciliation with your estranged spouse. Life does go on and you are the only one that can take it where it needs to go. Don't let this rejection destroy the rest of your life. Handle the rejection while keeping your self-respect.


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