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How to Live Graciously with a Grumpy old Husband or Wife

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"How to Live Graciously with a Grumpy old Husband or Wife"
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How to live graciously with a grumpy old husband or wife

Someone who has a grumpy attitude can bring the happiest person in the world down if they let them. Those scrooges of life have been hurt. Therefore, they take it out on everyone around them, especially the people they love. You can live graciously around them only if you don't let their grumpy attitude put you in a foul mood and turn you into a grumpy person as well.

Talk to your husband or wife and find out what is bothering them and giving them this grumpy behavior, and if they open up about what is causing this behavior, let them know that you care about them and want to help them. It's possible they might need to talk to a therapist.

Your marriage can be at stake, if your spouse continues to be grumpy around you. Suggest fun and exciting things to do together, like going on a vacation, hiking, camping or just having a candlelit dinner with some classical music. If you've suggested many things to do and your spouse is still acting grumpy, spending a little time away from that person to get your thoughts together is not such a bad idea, if it's just going into another room and relaxing with a good book or to go out and work in your garden.

Perhaps, spend sometime with your parents and get their advice on what can be done to cheer your spouse up. Some people go through phases in life and they need understanding and space. You can tell your spouse how their attitude makes you feel and that it is affecting the marriage. Maybe they are not happy anymore with the marriage and it's a good thing you find out.

Good marriages thrive on communication, fun and excitement, love and being patient with one another. If you don't have any of this happening in your marriage it will not be a happy marriage and I don't think someone should have to decide to stick around and live graciously with a spouse who is making them unhappy because they are grumpy.

If a married couple open up to each other about everything, together they can resolve problems and make their marriage a happy union. And if this couple has children they will do everything in their power to make their marriage better. You can do things to cheer up your spouse, like sending your wife flowers, or getting your husband season ticket to his favorite football team. Being thoughtful can diffuse a grumpy person any day.


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