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How to Mend Family Relationships

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"How to Mend Family Relationships"
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Mending a family relationship is never easy to do.  Sometimes time is the best mender of all.  If you are suffering from a broken family relationship, there are several things you need to consider.  First of all, who is to blame?  Rarely is a broken relationship the fault of one person.  Secondly, is there a solution to the problem that will immediately fix what has been broken?  For example, do  you owe money to a family member?

If you are struggling with a broken family relationship, here are some tips to help you mend it:

-Consider the importance of the relationship.  Just how important is the relationship in question.  Is it more important than the issue that is causing the rift?  If you are not speaking to your sister because she owes you $100, perhaps you need to weigh and balance the situation.  Is your relationship worth more than $100?

-Is it a matter of pride?  Sometimes a broken relationship comes down to a matter of pride.  Neither party wants to be the first to admit wrong doing and apologize.  Maybe it is time for you to be the bigger person and apologize for your part in the rift.

-Are you willing to mend what is broken and the other person is not?  If this is the case, there isn’t much you can do other than respect the other person and step back.  Often, time will open the other person’s heart and mind to let you back into his or her life.  There is no way you can force yourself back into someone’s life.

-Are you the person who is unwilling to let bygones be bygones?  If so, take some time to reflect on what is important.  Sometimes a situation is magnified by the negative energy you give to it.  Take the time to consider ways to mend the relationship.  If the other person is willing, then you are already half way there.

Mending a broken family relationship can be difficult, but very rewarding in the end.  There was a period of time when my sister and I did not speak for nearly 8 years.  We were both finally able to see that what we lost during those 8 years was much more than what caused the rift in the first place.  Today we are closer than ever before.

If you are in need of mending a broken family relationship, follow the above tips to get you back on the right track.  Hopefully by taking these positive steps, your relationship will soon be on its way to healing.

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