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How to Move Past your Spouses Emotional Affair

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"How to Move Past your Spouses Emotional Affair"
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When your spouse has an emotional affair, it takes on a different meaning than a physical affair. Emotional affairs mean that your spouse has given part of their love and devotion to someone else. When it is about sex, you can find ways to move past it easier. When it involves emotion, well, that is a whole different animal.

Here are some ways to move past your spouses emotional affair:

Find the Problem

If your spouse was having an emotional affair, that means that there was some kind of problem in the marriage. That doesn't mean that it was okay for your spouse to turn to someone else. It just means that there was a problem and it has to be figured out. If you can't find out what the problem was in order to fix it, you can never move past an emotional affair that your spouse had.

Work On The Problem

The only way to move forward after your spouse has had an emotional affair is to work on the problem that helped create the situation to start with. Working out what went wrong is more important than anything else in the process of moving on after your spouse has had an emotional affair.


You cannot truly move on after your spouse has had an emotional affair until you have learned to forgive your spouse. If your spouse wants to work things out, the only way to do that is if you can forgive him/her for his/her indiscretions. If you can't do that, your marriage will not survive this situation.

The Other Person

The other person has to be completely out of your spouses life before you can begin to move past the emotional affair. If he/she insists on keeping a friendship with the other person, there is little chance that you will ever be able to move past it. Getting your marriage on track again should be your spouses top priority. If he/she isn't willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, it may be time to separate.

Emotional affairs are affairs that allow each person to get involved mentally with another person. It is a mindset rather than the feeling of lust. It involves relying on someone that you aren't supposed to be relying on for comfort and love. If your spouse has had an emotional affair, it may be hard to get past. If you want your marriage to work, you will have to find ways to get past it. Follow the above tips to get started.


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