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How to Pleasure your Girlfriend in Bed

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"How to Pleasure your Girlfriend in Bed"
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Sex is not all about sex. In fact, sex is much more than just the sex. To give your girlfriend the best sexual experience ever, there are so many sexual acts that can be done with your girlfriend, and by then, sex doesn't even match up to them all. Women like sex just as much as men do. They expect their boyfriends to be experienced and well-versed in this subject, and if you're not, they'll be disappointed.

One of the biggest mistakes men make in bed is going too fast. Most of the time, men have to put their desires and selfishness aside in order to give their girlfriends the best sexual adventure ever. Although a lot of men view sex to be a simple stimulation, it's really the foreplay that turns women on the most. And, in order to please your girlfriend, stretching out the experience and giving her what she wants is necessary.

Foreplay. In order to have a completely satisfying sexual experience, you must engage your girlfriend in foreplay. Most women find it to be the most pleasing part of sex, the best way to "build up" to the big moment. Foreplay is often necessary in order to get in the mood, and it allows for stimulation and intimacy to grow. Creativity is key. After all, anyone can put a penis in a vagina. Foreplay involves the mind to wander a bit more.

Use your tongue to her advantage. Start by gently getting on top of her, kissing her softly. Then move your lips across your face, using a blend of tongue and lips to softly wet her face. Kiss her cheeks, her neck. Suck her ears. Girls absolutely love this. Run your hands slowly across her face as she experiences your warm touch. Look into her eyes, and tell her how beautiful she looks.  

Once you've gotten her full attention, move downwards. Kiss down her neck and move your lips to her chest. Run your tongue from her chin, down her neck, and onto her breasts. Go slowly, take your time, and make the moment genuine. Sensually suck on her breasts, but make sure not to spend all your time just on her nipples. Move around, and explore her body. Continue down her body, across her stomach, making sure to kiss and lick at the same time. Once you reach her naval area, it's all on you.

Oral sex. Girls love getting it, but guys don't always love giving it. Just remember that in bed, the needs of the woman must come before the needs of the man. Once you're "down there," don't hold back. Run your hands across her vagina. Place a finger at her naval, and run it straight down. Finger her gently, but don't be too rough. Put your tongue inside of her. Make sure to reach her clitoris - this is the only way you'll get your girl to orgasm. If you're forceful, she'll love it, and you'll be sure to please her.

And then there's sex. Once you've done all of the above things, sex will seem like a walk in the park. There are ways to make it more enjoyable, though. Before inserting your penis, a good amount of dry humping could feel amazing for the both of you. Go gently, and make sure not to orgasm immediately. The first orgasm is always the hardest to reach, but once you reach it, the moment will end. Once you feel that you're about to orgasm, pull out, stop for a moment, and start back up again. The longer you can make it last, the better the orgasm will be.

There are so many other things that can be done in bed. Role playing is something a lot of couples like to do, and is something that can spruce up a predictable love life. Masturbating in front of your girlfriend, or watching her masturbate, can also be enjoyable. Hand jobs and blow jobs can be enjoyable for you, but normally, it's better to give first and receive second. Ask your girlfriend what she likes, and pay attention to her reactions to different things to see what she finds most enjoyable.

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