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How to Reform my Irresponsinble Husband

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"How to Reform my Irresponsinble Husband"
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An irresponsible partner is a headache. Dealing with such a partner on a daily basis squeezes the interest out of life. Irresponsibility is detrimental. It affects people connected with the irresponsible person. Dealing with such people requires tact and discriminative capabilities. It is hard to change a person’s behavior overnight. Patience and determination will help in transforming an irresponsible person.

 A spouse should not willingly suffer an irresponsible partner. If a husband does not contribute to the family income and does not hesitate to live lavishly on the partner’s hard earned money, he should be dealt with strongly. Love can be unselfish but it should not be blind.

 An irresponsible person usually does not care for others well being. He will be selfish or ego centric to the core. In such cases, the wife should not bear with her husband. She should try to convince him that she cannot or need not have to carry the family burden on her shoulders alone. A wife may explain patiently to her husband that it takes two to work. She can request her husband to share responsibilities and expenses equally. If he does not reciprocate or shrugs this suggestion, it may be made clear that she can walk out of the marriage or relationship.

 The husband and wife may share the same bank account sometimes. If the husband withdraws money for his lavish lifestyle, the wife should try to make sure that bills are paid before their due date. She may arrange with the bank authorities for bills to be paid on time. Being smart will solve the financial problems. She can open a separate account for saving money for emergencies.

 Shirking family responsibilities is really exasperating, especially when children are involved. The husband and wife are equally responsible for their children. The wife must make it clear that the husband should join in and give a helping hand in rearing kids. Patience is needed in such cases.

 The husband and wife are separate individuals and cannot change their attitudes or behavior overnight. Handing over small chores or tasks may help to instill responsibility in the partner. A loving approach is far better than a direct confrontation. Care should be taken never to compare a man to other men. If a man’s ego is hurt, he may not reconcile easily.

 Women have a tendency to take charge of things and do it with dedication. This may have a negative side effect in cases where the husband is care free or irresponsible. An irresponsible husband takes his wife for granted. He expects his spouse to take care of everything. This habit cannot be changed if the wife does not consciously take sincere efforts to involve him in sharing duties or responsibilities. The husband and wife have to realize that it takes two to make a successful marriage.


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