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How to Romance your Aries Man

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"How to Romance your Aries Man"
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The male Aries man's favourite things are power and passion. His ego is the centre of his universe and he needs it nurtured daily with very large doses of admiration. On the outside he has a strong demeanour but on the inside he can be very sensitive (although he'll very rarely show this side.) He needs a lot of love, attention and approval. He can have a fiery temper so he needs a strong woman who will not only stand up to him but who can cool him down during his daily combustions and self created crises. If he were to fear anything at all it would be rejection from his mate as this can sabotage his ego and severely compromise his self esteem.

An Aries man will love you with a passion. In fact his love can be so ardent you'll feel as if you've never been loved before. He may not follow through with flowers but his feelings are romantic and his emotions intense. When in love he can be loyal, loving, jealous and generally consumed with feeling.

So how do you date this Aries man? He's a sucker for a pretty woman so low cut tops, short skirts, a sexy smile and intelligent conversation are what makes him tick. Compliment him on what he's wearing and say something else with your eyes. He's has a strong personality and likes assertive, confident women so be dynamic, enthusiastic and very direct. Talk about his work and make him feel important then suggest continuing the conversation over dinner.

Passion and patience are prerequisite to keeping the fires burning. Sexually he's enthusiastic and direct, sometimes too direct. He's got all the instincts of the Ram but his technique often needs refining therefore he'll supply the energy but you must supply the imagination. Be warm, affectionate, soothing and supportive. At the same time, if he in any way tries to bully you then coolly hold your ground. He would much rather have a woman he can respect, not walk on but that's not to say he won't try! Firmly make him aware of your feelings and expectations and should he forget assertively remind him.

Overpower him with physical affection while you make him aware of your special powers. However, at all times let him know that they won't compete with his and never let him forget it.

For this relationship to work you must be strong enough to love him without being enslaved by his demands. The only successful relationship with an Aries man is an equal one. Give him lots of love and admiration, challenge him when you need to and you'll have this man eating out of your hand.

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