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How to Stay Safe on a Blind Date

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"How to Stay Safe on a Blind Date"
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At the start of a blind date, neither party has any idea if the other party has expectations of him or her, is incompatible with him or her, or worse, is potentially dangerous. Therefore, blind dates can be nerve-wracking experiences. Luckily, there are ways that people can enjoy blind dates and stay safe at the same time. Sure, a person's safety may not be at risk on some blind dates, but the chance is not worth taking. Taking a few precautions is the best choice.

Before a blind date takes place, a few plans have to be made. Both parties will agree on a location and activities. Transportation is usually discussed as well. When going on a blind date, the safest locations are those that are public and where other people will be within ear and eye shot. Restaurants, movie theaters, playhouses and parties are some examples of safe locations for a blind date. As for transportation, it is wisest for both parties to arrange their own transportation to and from the blind date's location. Getting into a car with a stranger is not a cautious decision, safety-wise. Before leaving, tell someone where you are going, what time you expect to be there and give them some information on your blind date that would help in an emergency.

A few items can keep a person safe on a blind date, should it go wrong. A cell phone can come in handy in case you find yourself in trouble and need to call for help. Cell phones also come in handy if the date is a flop and you need a friend. Pepper spray can help ward off unwanted advances, should they turn dangerous. It comes in small sizes that can fit into a purse, pocket or even on a keychain. It never hurts to be safe. Lastly, enough money to get through the date and to call a cab is essential. Blind dates are unpredictable, so being prepared to get home is always the safest way to go.

Once a blind date has begun, plans sometimes change. People hit it off or do not hit off and the path the date is going to take begins to become clear. At this point, one party may want to take the date somewhere more private. The safest thing to do is to say no. The choice to be alone together can always be chosen on subsequent dates. It is important to remember that dangerous people can be charming and that a person's intentions cannot be read during the course of one date, especially if they are insincere. Never let your blind date lead you away from the crowd. Stay where other people are within sight.

At the end of the date, it is safest to go home alone. If the date went well, subsequent dates will be planned. Rushing into going home with someone or inviting them home may be a very bad idea. There is no way to know for certain and the risk is not worth the reward, in this case. The reward will come later, if the blind date turns out to be worth another date. Taking a little time is not only safe in the physical sense, but it can save a little heartache if the date never calls again.

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