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How to tell if a Man is Sexually Attracted to a Woman

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"How to tell if a Man is Sexually Attracted to a Woman"
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There are several ways to tell if a man is sexually attracted to a woman; he will use his body language and behavior to attract her to the best of his ability. Some indications can be difficult to recognize when you don't know what to look for. This article focuses on such signs in order to help you notice them.

Preening gestures

Have you noticed how creatures in the wild attempt to attract a mate? They preen their feathers and fan out their tails if they are male birds, or try to show females among them they are at the top of the evolutionary ladder by impressing them, catching the best prey, or securing a dominant position within their pack.

Although humans have come a long way compared to animals, they retain these behaviors to a certain extent when going about finding a partner. When a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he will automatically straighten his clothes as she approaches. He may smooth his hair, or inadvertently check his appearance in a reflective surface if he thinks she won't spot him doing so.

As she makes verbal contact or stands close to him he is likely to raise his eyebrows, and his pupils will dilate so that he can see her fully. Humans tend to find people who have large pupils sexually attractive; by dilating their pupils they naturally become more desirable.


Women in long-term relationships sometimes say that when they first met their man he acted a in a certain way that they liked, and then slowly gave up the desirable behavior as their relationship deepened. The reason many men alter their behavior in a positive way when they meet a potential female companion is that they want to attract her. Men who would normally lounge in sweat pants and fall asleep with a pizza in their hand in front of the game suddenly spruce themselves up. They put on aftershave, tidy their den in case they get lucky, and adopt any behavior they think will get them closer to the woman in question.


A man who is sexually attracted to a woman finds it difficult to focus on anything else when she is around. He may change his usual routine in order to fit in being around her more often, and will be distracted by her presence. He may adopt rose tinted spectacles, and stop noticing other potential mates as he focuses on one particular woman. Later on, he's more likely to begin to see her inner beauty, as well as her outer beauty as he gets to know her.


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