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How to tell if a Man is Sexually Attracted to a Woman

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"How to tell if a Man is Sexually Attracted to a Woman"
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Dating back to Biblical times, women have used their powers of beauty and seduction to influence men. Men are visual creatures, and they cannot help but be attracted to certain women in their lives. And it’s pretty easy to tell when attraction is present, as men often give themselves away with telltale signs. Below are ways to tell if a man is sexually attracted to a woman, and in this case -  you.

* He cannot take his eyes off of you

When a man is attracted to a woman, he often cannot take his eyes off of her. While this is a cliché you may have heard many of times, it holds much truth.  If your guy is into you, he will look into your eyes when you talk. His eyes may wander to glance at your lips or your hands. But they will not wander far from you, as you are the object of his desire. Consequently you are able to easily hold his attention.

* He smiles a lot

When a guy is attracted to you in that way, he will smile a lot. He cannot help himself. You are someone he wants to be around, and he is pleased to be in your presence.

* He touches you

A man shows sexual attraction through touch, and this of course can be in a very appropriate way. He may reach out to touch your arm when you are telling him a story. He cannot resist moving that piece of hair out of your eye and gently putting it behind your ear.

He will hold your hand in the car or touch the small of your back to guide you through a crowd. This sense of touch is important, as a guy who is not attracted to you will not do these things. He may open a door out of politeness, but he will not be drawn to touch you.

* He talks to you in a way that implies more than friendship

If you are talking to a man at a cocktail party - and he is attracted to you in a sexual way - you should be able to pick up on it based on certain ways he talks to you. He may give you an extra compliment. He may choose a more charming style than regular conversation.

He may ask you pointed questions to ascertain whether or not you are available. And he may make a few subtle comments that indicate he is interested.

While these are just a few of the clues that you may notice when a man is sexually attracted to you, there are also many more. Pay attention to the details and the context of any given interaction. Men are not known for being subtle when they are interested, so it should not be that hard to figure out!

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