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How to tell if a Man is Sexually Interested in a Woman

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"How to tell if a Man is Sexually Interested in a Woman"
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How to tell if a man is sexually attracted to a woman is usually fairly easy; if he knows too much about her personal life, or only talks to her, then he is most definitely sexually attracted. When a man looks at a woman with a far-off look in his eyes, or if his jaw drops to the floor, and his cheeks start to gain a little reddish color, he is most likely to be sexually attracted to the woman he is looking at. Even when married, most men can not resist the urge to look at an attractive female with lust in his eyes, on his face or on his mind.

If an unmarried man is looking at a woman, then the chances are that he is either sexually attracted or repulsed by her. Yes, we do love to look at train wrecks as well as masterpieces, but that does not mean that we want to be in the train wreck. Rodney Dangerfield once said that if a woman was breathing, then there was a man someone who was sexually attracted to her. George Carlin often said that the perfect woman for a man was about stomach-high, with a flat head to rest his beer on. Comedians aside, most people adhere to the rule of thought that if a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he will make his intention known, somehow or another.

In reality, women have learned to know whether a man is sexually attracted to them, simply by watching his eyes as he talks to her. If the eyes are staring into her eyes, then there is genuine interest. And, if his eyes are slowly undressing her, or focused lower than her chin, then his interests are more than obvious.

Aside from the eyes, a man's sudden change of attitude, from cocky to sincere, or from over-confident to sheepish, would also signify a sexual interest in a woman. When a man walks up to a woman, full of confidence, and then starts to jumble and mumble his words, then he is either drunk or sexually interested in her. Sometimes, when a man is confronted by the woman he is sexually attracted to, along with a gaggle of her friends, he will make small talk with, and compliment each of her friends. He will also try to engage her entire group of friends in conversation, or to regale them with a good joke. Quite often, it is the woman that he pays the least amount of attention to that he is sexually attracted to.

Knowing that if he is going to be able to have a chance at having his sexual interest return the attraction, then a man must befriend her friends, or else face the prospect of her friends talking down about him to her. If he can make her friends believe that he is friendly, emotionally, intellectually and financially stable, then he has a great chance of them nudging her on towards his sexual advances. Sometimes, the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, but through her friends.

How to tell if a man is sexually attracted to a woman is not exactly a scientific equation, or even hard to notice in most cases. However, just as the female does, sometimes the male will play the idiot, and not express his sexual interest for fear of rejection. These types of men will wait for some kind of sign that she may be interested in him before he invests his emotions in letting the woman know that he is sexually, emotionally and intellectually interested in her.

And, of course, another way to tell if a man is sexually interested in a woman is to ask him out on a date. In these enlightened times of sexual equality, there is nothing wrong with women asking men out on dates, nor being the aggressor in a sexual relationship.

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