How to tell your Parents You’re not Coming Home for Christmas

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"How to tell your Parents You're not Coming Home for Christmas"
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There comes a time when any child has to wave goodbye to their parents and ‘fly the nest’ so to speak. Many families have a Christmas tradition in which the family, especially parents and children, will gather to spend the holiday season together. However, when children grow up, get jobs, move in with their partners and even have kids of their own; they will not always want to return home to their parents’ house for Christmas. This is an issue that has to be dealt with carefully so as to not ruin the festive season for child or parent alike. If you have recently left home, or this is going to be your first Christmas away from your parents, here are some tips for breaking the news that you may find useful.

Tell them the truth

One of the best things you could possibly do is also one of the hardest. However, both you and your parents will feel better if you just tell them the way it is. So you may have your own job with limited time off over the holiday season, if any at all, and you may even have your own home and may even be starting your own family. Chances are, you just want Christmas in your own space. Just tell them the truth, whatever the truth may be, and hope that they will be receptive; they usually are because keep in mind, they have been in your situation too when they were growing up.

Invite them over or attend family gatherings

A great way to spend Christmas away from your parents this Christmastime is to simply tell them that while you want time in your own space throughout the holiday seasons, they are more than welcome to come over for dinner, snacks and family time. Similarly, tell them you will visit them too, so everyone is making an effort. If you have family gatherings traditionally such as dinners and parties, then make an effort to interact with your parents there too, so that again, the blow itself is lessened.

If you’re going on a Christmas vacation

One of the most exciting and truly amazing ways to spend the Christmas holidays is to go on vacation. Whether you choose a beautiful cottage out in the snow covered countryside or even an exotic holiday somewhere still hot; the experience is still a phenomenal one. A great way to show your parents that you have not forgotten them even if you are on Christmas vacation is to keep in touch. Send them post cards, call and text them from time to time and even connect with them via e-mail or on Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps most important of all; don’t forget to bring them a Christmas present from wherever it is you are going!

Christmas is indeed a time for family, but it is also a time where many, perhaps yourself included, actually get a short break away from the daily grind of work and the stress and woes of daily living in an unstable economy. If you are looking forward to spending your Christmas alone or with your own growing family alike, then hopefully the guide above covers potential situations you may find yourself in, all in hopes of lessening the blow that spending Christmas away from your parents will have on both your parents and you yourself.

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