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How to tell your Partner you are no Longer in Love with them

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"How to tell your Partner you are no Longer in Love with them"
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How to tell your partner you are no longer in love with them

You were in a relationship with this woman for five glorious years. However, year six created a problem when the ball dropped on New Years Eve night and ever since seeing her wear that God awful orangutan orange dress turned your stomach and just being in a relationship with her makes you wish your life span was smaller.

You are no longer in love with this woman. Although, you care about her dearly, the love just isn't there any more and you want out of the relationship without hurting her. Face the facts, her heart will be broken in about 1 million pieces all over the place and it will take more than a broom and dust pan to pick up the pieces.

Being brutally honest will only make her cry and run for the nearest ledge, but honesty has it's limits and using those limits along with being consoling and understanding will be better for ending the relationship with her.  Continuing a sexual relationship with someone when there is no love in your heart for them is leading them on.

Don't mask the failed relationship with sex, it only sends out a mixed message to your partner when you forget Valentines Day on purpose and want to have sex later on that night. Sometimes having that break-up talk has to happen, it saves you from being in a relationship with someone you see more as a hot mess than a hot lover and it will save her for being with someone she thinks is the greatest person on earth; that you may be, but just not for her.

Preparing a nice dinner for your partner and inviting them over because you have something important you want to discuss with them might lead them to believe there will be a proposal following. Let your partner know upfront that there is some issues in the relationship that need to be cleared up and it has nothing to do with marriage.

If you are interested in someone else, be honest and tell her, don't be afraid. Sometimes it is best to come right out and tell someone that you just don't love them anymore and that there is someone else.  Insensitivity is not the way to go with someone you still care about but just don't love anymore. Offer to be there as a friend indefinitely and comfort them if they need a shoulder to cry on. It's possible they might want to get as far away from you as possible because they are angry; just look at the bright side at least you got that person you don't love anymore away from you.

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