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Its not you its me Common Excuses for Breaking up

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"Its not you its me Common Excuses for Breaking up"
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' It's not you, it's me.' common excuses for breaking up

Don't you just hate that excuse? I know I do. Instead of actually just coming clean and telling the truth, why not hide behind this famous break up line. Wouldn't it be kinder just to say, sorry love this isn't working, or look something is wrong in this relationship, can we talk about it? It's hard to be honest in these situations, as there is always that fear of hurting someone, or losing face. For some people admitting a failure is too much to handle, so this line is a perfect get away with no come back.

Yeah, sure the truth hurts and nobody likes to hear bad things about themselves but come on guys and girls get real, it's a lame reason for a break up and even if it is because of you and not your partner, at least get to the point and say what is wrong with you. If you want to blame yourself then do it in style, give your partner something juicy to tell his or her friends. The fact is getting over a relationship is a lot easier when you know why it failed, sure it's upsetting and you may feel hurt but at least you can move on and change the way you deal with your next relationship.

Trust me, from past experience this line just made me feel worthless, I kept going round in circles analysing what had happened between me and my ex. I tried to figure out what the real reason was. It was annoying not having any thing substantial to pin the break up on, and frustrating when people asked what happened. I could tell they were thinking ' Oh no, not that old excuse '. my only consolation at that time was at least he didn't tell me, ' I need to find myself '( good topic for another article)

Of course, In the end I gave up, realising that actually it was him, (how ironic)

I guess the next question is, why do people need to use this excuse and what's the possible reason? Let's see

1) They don't have enough self confidence to be honest.

2) All the love has gone and they can't bring themselves to tell you.

3) They just don't like you any more.

4) They don't have any reason so this is the best they can do.

5) They have met someone else, and this would just break your heart

6) Their parents don't like you (very lame reason)

Whatever the reason and I'm sure you could add a few of your own, we all get over it and move on. And as another corny saying goes 'there are plenty more fish in the sea'

I found mine, and have my own little family.

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