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Should married woman keep their last name or switch to their husband? There has been a tremendous amount of controversy regarding this question. Which is the correct answer? First of all lets review some of the facts that lie beneath the surface for conversation.

A woman starts as a young girl and learns to spell her full name. A big part of her identity and who she is, wraps around her name. This name also connects her to siblings, family, and relatives. This doesn't describe who she, although this is the foundation and the root system of who she is. Some woman may like the sound of their name, the power of the reputation their last name, etc. Families have built and prided themselves on last names for centuries. Some have had an automatic trust or favoritism due to the reputation of that name, that precedes them. There are some woman are excited about changing their last name. Then there are some families that find no importance or have several family members carrying the name down, etc.

It can be a traumatizing event to give up everything you have known and built up throughout the years on that name. People know you by your full name. You last name links you to your roots, but it is also an identity. This is who you are. People know you, call you, and find you with that name, this identifies you. The name and all it identifies, you have attached to throughout the years. To some woman you take away their last name, you are pulling the carpet out from beneath them.

Why does passing down a last name have so much importance? More reasons other than the possible reputation and legacy of the last name could be the extinction of it. The possibility has arisen on many occasions that some last names are at the end of their trails. There have been circumstances; maybe more women have been born in the family. Sons have not been born, have passed, or have not produced children to carry on the family name. The results of this may end a long bloodline with a last name and all that it stands for to vanish or disappear. Last name's has a history, reputations, and a lot of value to some families, and have for generations.

The man usually keeps his last name from his family, his identity, and the reputation, through a marriage. A change for him in strict regards to the last name is the addition of family members that will be added and passed down through generations. A lot of men have their family last name and have pride in regards to passing it down to continue the chain. Some families have extreme amount of pressure for the last name to continue.

A solution to the situation some woman hyphen their maiden name to the married last name. That way they are not giving up their roots, history, and link to their family roots, and most of all their reputation and identity. This avenue may be a fair compromise, although some men easily agree, there are a great many that don't. Some men feel that is tradition. What would the children use? All these questions should definitely be heard and reviewed by both parties, with an open mind. The views on switching or hyphening of a last name should be a personal choice to be shared, discussed, and understood by your loving partner.

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