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Looking for Love Writing an Intriguing Singles Ad to Entice Interest

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"Looking for Love Writing an Intriguing Singles Ad to Entice Interest"
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Good Profiles: Tips for Good Dating Profiles

Writing High-Quality Dating Profiles

Not all people are blessed with the knack of writing an excellent dating profile.
Doing it is a lot like composing an ad that is meant to attract potential buyers - it has to be convincing, appealing and honest (to a degree). If it's your first time to design your own dating profile, here are the nuts and bolts to guide you.

Just a little note to the ladies: Most of the examples I use are for men. Women tend not to have problems getting responses from guys inside dating sites (guys usually blast out messages to just about anyone, women are more specific). If you need advice on writing a good female ad many of these rules still apply, so fear not and keep reading

Titles are the most important part of an ad

Use a catchy and interesting title. Since everyone is going to read your profile, you should make it as original, honest and easy to remember as possible. Get your ideas from your own interests , experiences, and personality but don't just say you're spontaneous and exciting prove it! Above all - you've got to be unique (very, very unique.)

Examples of good and bad titles:

• "Fun guy looking for fun girl." Too general, no one looks for dull girls and no fun girls look through dull profiles.
• "Let me show you what a real man is like." Immediately after which they'll show you the 'block user button' this is way to intimidating and challenging to a mate.
• "Will you guide my way?" Approaching "decent" level profile title. It definitely stands out from the others but most women are looking for a package with all it's nuts and bolts no assembly required if you know what I mean.

LOST: True love, reward if found.

Bingo, though it's pretty general the title is definitely unique and will get the reader past the initial first click. The introduction should reflect a caring, compassionate, and romantic person just like the title indicates.
Skydiving accountant seeking rock-climbing business woman
Another good one liner. The activity describes the person so much more than just an adjective like "exciting" or "adventurous" could.

The introduction is your own personal summary

Your introduction should be just as attractive. When you compose your introduction line it must be intriguing enough to compel your reader to continue on. Generally you're limited on the size of your introduction to anywhere from a few hundred words up to 1,000. Make this count and keep it pretty much to the point.

Avoid cliches like the plague

Don't bother with clichs and other trite phrases. Being unoriginal and typecast may work for bands like Nickleback but it won't get you laid - avoid the usual titles at all costs. The secret is to be as specific as possible: name a strange incident or experience, an eerie quote from your favorite author, or a bit of a background that would define who you are. I personally find it best to write a draft first then revise it, which brings us to the next topic...

Some common cliches that you see all the time:

• "Love is a many splendored thing." It sure is, but this clich is used so often that no "love" will come from it.
• "All things grow with love."  Again, same situation. It sounds great but is so overused that it will not arnish any attention.

Make it count, condense your draft.

No one wants to read a wordy profile that conveys no message. Many dating profiles suffer in the dark oblivion without hope of getting looked at because they fail to relate anything interesting about the author to the person reading. You might be the most romantic, handsome, charismatic guy in the world but you're online appearance is that of a 14 year old who can't spell or form complete sentences. Put some time into the "flow" of your summary. Make it count, it's the second most important part of your online profile.

A picture says a thousand words

Clip a photo that's realistic and not misleading. There are all sorts of pictures that people post on the web which are quite dishonest, a bit obscene, of poor quality, and sometimes too formal. The best photo should reveal the normal "you", since, if you are dead set on meeting someone you don't want her to get the shock of her life.

Some photos are lewd and show too much skin just to catch attention. If you are seriously into dating, post a clear, sunny picture of yourself - this is sure to elicit positive responses from people. Don't glamorize yourself or post a picture of you wearing a high school toga.

Polish your profile

Choose the right words and use your grammar or spelling program to polish your profile. People care about your spelling and grammar because it reflects your education. At least, show some decency when creating your profile, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug," says Mark Twain. If you've written your profile in a hurry, don't attempt to post it yet when you have not proofread it for grammatical and spelling errors. Use your handy word processor programs to clean it for possible mistakes.

Research the competition

This is what we call the "look, listen, and learn" step. Go ahead and search for yourself after you've published your ad. If you see yourself in the page of search results and your existing ad doesn't "jump" off the page at you as a reader consider revising your ad to play off the surrounding.

For example, you search for your ad only to find that you're surrounded mostly by guys using cheesy one-liners and looking for something to screw in between football games you might modify your ad title/introduction to say something like;

"Waiter, I ordered my pickup lines without cheese.."

"While they're watching football, we can watch a movie"

Be original but don't overdo it.

Your originality is a major factor for an attractive profile. Search yourself for any unusual interests and unique characteristics. If you like art, for instance, mention specifically if you've ever painted or done some digital designing yourself, and what kind of design software you like to use. A good novel writer does not use bland adjectives and describe in nebulous concepts. You're not a novel writer but your goal is to make your online profile more interesting. All of us have normal ways of doing things but if you got something to tell - a passion for exotic animals, or a collection of snow gears - don't hesitate to include it in your profile.

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