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Certainly not! Husbands and wives become one after marriage and should be able to communicate freely. Its fine, if the man is still dating his to be wife,under these very nervy circumstances, may be he could be a little passive. But as soon as they are pronounced as husband and wife a they are tied up with a special bond of love, trust and honesty. I suppose some wives would like their husbands to always swallow bitter pills. But I do hope I'm right that most women (wives) would love their husbands to be open and communicative. Just imagine a home with a husband, who often shakes his head to an answer, agreeing to something even though its wrong.

Although most men by nature are quite, but when it comes to family concerns and discussions a healthy open discussion is most welcome. There is no perfect couple or husband and wife team. Everyone does err. Women should accept their husbands for who they are and get them to speak up instead of passive intolerance. How could you understand the man who you have married for life, if he never communicates actively? Surely you don't need a dumb doll around the house. Only people can communicate and hence husbands and wives must be able to listen to each other confidently.

I guess sometimes, men do prefer to bite their tongue and swallow their words, just to maintain the peace in the home front. He does try to keep himself busy and pretend all is well. At these times, wives believe that their husbands are so understanding. But I think if the man is left to keep silent and tolerate his wife, the relationship between the two will deteroiate. The husband must be given a very important role at home. He should be the commander in chief. Children too, will learn to respect their parents and follow in their footsteps of trust, understanding and love. If husbands are given their rightful place, they would take up every responsibilty with a challenge. A husband's voice must be heard at the right time. Wives must be humble enough to accept the husband as the head of the family and be open to healthy criticisms. Two heads are better than one. Two hearts that beat as one, will bring out joy, love and a healthy relationship to last a life time.

In my view, I think husbands should never tolerate their wives silently. A healthy communication and understanding will break all barriers and atlast and alas the husband must have his say. So, husbands tell us when we are wrong and let us together build a happy life that will last with sweet memories.

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