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Jealousy between colleagues is a phenomenon that occurs often. Each office has its own dynamics and relations between coworkers vary from mutual respect to deep resentment.

Workplace jealousy can be triggered in various ways. Personal qualities, friendships, unexpected successes or a friendly attitude on behalf of the boss can all result in jealousy. Workplace jealousy can become dangerous since it can hinder the easy flow of work and the manner in which you interact with colleagues.

Dealing with jealous coworkers could be difficult. It takes patience, understanding and modesty to let others know that they can rely on you, even if your career is turning out to be more successful than their own. Your attitude will determine whether coworkers trust you or resent your professional development.

To deal with jealous coworkers, follow these tips. They all focus on being a team player and remaining modest and approachable.

* Stay modest *
Mentioning your professional success in each conversation and bragging about your achievements will get coworkers to feel unappreciated and jealous.

Do your best to move up the professional ladder but keep your attitude open and friendly. Let your actions speak for themselves – there is no need to openly discuss the successes you have achieved.

Coworkers will appreciate you more if you remain friendly and humble regardless of a promotion. Let them know that you are still the same person, even if your professional title changes. If someone asks for help – do your best to provide it fast. Becoming big-headed and inapproachable will hinder your professional development, rather than push it forward.

* Offer a helping hand *
To deal with office jealousy, try to be helpful and willing to aid coworkers.

Landing a helping hand is one of the best ways to promote friendliness and cooperation. Show your coworkers that you can be relied on. Get involved in some projects, offer help in the completion of simple tasks.

Be careful, since others might try to transfer their tasks to you. Know when saying ‘no’ is appropriate. Learn to distinguish people who really need help from those who are trying to take advantage of your goodness.

* Promote the team spirit *
Striving to excel individually will get the office atmosphere tense. Nobody likes solo players. You might be more efficient on your own but if you wish to work in a healthy environment try to refrain from neglecting your coworkers.

When presenting a project or working on some new aspect of your business development include coworkers in the process. Be a team player instead of the office hermit who moves up at the expense of everyone else.

Distribute tasks evenly. Your coworkers will know who initiated the project and the hierarchical structure will be clear. You will be in charge but the people you work with will be happy to contribute.

* Achieve success intelligently *
Even if you are the victim of office jealousy, refrain from getting involved in gossiping and insulting conversations. Using the tools that jealous coworkers exploit will do little to ease the tense office atmosphere. Face negative sentiments in an intelligent manner.

You need to remain dignified, even if you feel unhappy with the situation. Show coworkers that you will not answer back. Keep relations strictly professional, never allow anger and spite to take control. It might be difficult to keep your composure but this is certainly the best way to go.

Sometimes, even your best intentions will be insufficient to deal with the situation. If none of these tips does the trick, address your supervisor or team manager. Refrain from getting involved personally. Your office relations should be deprived of personal sentiments. If emotions gain control, you will probably suffer even more. Try to be impartial and slightly distant.

Workplace jealousy is something that every ambitious person faces sooner or later. When dealing with it, remain calm. Patience and composure are of crucial importance. Once you let these sentiments get under the skin, you can consider the battle lost. Dealing with office jealousy requires patience, intelligence and a friendly attitude. Put your best assets forward to show coworkers that you are one of them, instead of a threat.


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