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Qualities in Women that Intimidate Men

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"Qualities in Women that Intimidate Men"
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You're smart, pretty and intelligent - or so you've been told. But you've also been informed that you intimidate men. You can't help but wonder: What's the problem?

You strive to be nice, warm and compassionate. And don't men like it when you speak your mind, showing that there is a brain behind the beauty?

Perhaps not. Men can be fragile creatures - when it comes to their egos. And some men do get easily intimidated by certain women. Below are a few of the qualities in women that intimidate men.

* Assertiveness

Men like to be in charge, whether they admit it or not. They will listen to a woman and may rely on her heavily in decision making or for support. But they want to seek that kind of partnership. It often needs to be their choice.

Assertive women do not wait for others to seek them out. They are confident in who they are and in what they have to say and contribute. They enjoy pushing forward agendas and ideas, and they know how to do it in a way that is not necessarily aggressive.

However, men may get uncomfortable around such women. They are not quite sure how to take this breed of woman - or her behavior. As a result, they may resist her ideas. Or they may not like her. More than anything, they may feel a sense of intimidation around an assertive lady.

* Intelligence

Men appreciate intelligence in women, but they can also find it a bit frightening. After all, men like to be viewed as smart and as problem solvers.

They like to be the ones to save the day. And they like to get credit for certain ideas. Some intelligent women feel a backlash when their ideas are better than men, whether in a business setting or at home.

So much so that many of them have found a way of dealing with men that works for them: they come up with ideas, but let the men in their lives think that it was their (as in the men's) ideas. Tricky and smart, perhaps?

An intelligent woman has used this tactic many a time. She knows that balance of when to push for ideas and when to hold back. And that kind of intelligence comes across as less threatening to men. Smart ladies.

* Beauty

Finally, many men are intimidated by really gorgeous women. They are intrigued of course, but also skittish. They may feel inferior to such women or not trust the power they wield over men.

These are just a few of the traits that men find intimidating in women. Oftentimes, it takes a woman who has several of these traits to intimidate a man. A pretty and really sweet woman may be easy to deal with. But a pretty and outspoken one is another story!

If you are a female and find that you intimidate men, it's tough to know what to do. Some of the causes may be your very strengths. While you can work to be gentle in how you approach men in certain situations, you still want to enjoy being yourself.

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