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Reasons for Divorce after so Long Married

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"Reasons for Divorce after so Long Married"
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If you are wondering why or how a marriage can end in divorce after so many years then take a look at the many years of your life that you have already lived. How much have you changed in this time? You started off as a baby and grew into a teenager who wanted to be a popstar and then turned in to a college student studying for law and ended up deciding that your real passion was in animal care.

The above may not be literally true, but you are sure to have changed your mind about a lot of things in the last years of your life from birth until now. Even your tastes of music, colours, furniture, games and food will have changed in this time and there is nothing that anybody can do about that as it is natural.

If you look at your friendships, even these become strained at times and especially if you have been friends for a long time. We are all constantly changing our likes and dislikes and as no two people are the same their views and opinions etc will not always remain compatible.

When you marry your first love and after ten years start to feel a bit bored or you start to wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with, look at the past you as well. A divorce can be summed up by natural personal changes. The things you once had in common, one of you no longer likes and then a place that you once both loved, one of you may prefer something different now and that very expensive once a year meal may no longer be to one of yours likings anymore. Even things like how tidy or messy someone is can change. Something that I should know about. I was the queen of mess and 9yrs later I am quite tidy and organised and it is amazing to look back at what I was like.

It is impossible, I think for two people to be compatible for the whole of their lives. Those who remain together, live a lie in a way as they can no longer be totally happy, but playing at it as they can remember the love that once blossomed between them. Those who get a divorce are not forgetting who they loved, but understanding that they are now two different people who need to move on in order to be totally happy again.

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