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Reasons why a Family Falls apart

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"Reasons why a Family Falls apart"
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The premise of a family needs to be strong in order to endure hardship. Everything has a foundation and the one of a family needs to be durable in order to withstand challenges. When this base is not built well, it can cause the structure of the entire family unit to erode.

Weak foundation

The base is meant to be started from the ground up.It is also meant to be solid without any breaks. Many things could cause a base to have problems. Just like the foundation of a house must be set properly, the same goes for the family base. When it has not had enough time to develop properly, this may cause defects. When cracks are present in a foundation this makes it easier for things to seep in and compromise the entire family.

In some cases the beginning of a family starts out with a family already made and this just adds pressure. For example, a man may meet a woman with two children from a previous marriage. The children may not take to the man. This could cause an enormous amount of tension even before the relationship has started. This happens because the children want their biological father.

Financial Problems

Financial problems affect families by creating additional stress in the home. Money is something that is connected to who we are. Since it is as extension of the inner us, it tends to link directly to our emotions. When finances are a mess and debt is piling up ,it becomes a mess in the family. It is important that each family member contribute some way. When every person is doing there part, it makes it easier on the entire family unit. Everyone has different spending habits. It also helps when certain family members have their own source of income.


Within the base of the family, you have the source of it. These two people are meant to bring love out of the love they have for each other. However, what can happen is that one person may stray from the relationship. During this straying, a person may find solace in another person. This could lead to infidelity. A person could end up having intercourse. When this happens, it destroys the "trust" in a relationship and the resentment could disrupt the entire family. The man or woman could choose to leave the relationship.

A family is the cornerstone of society. When the family is strong, the community is better. It reaps the benefits through the results. A person has a better chance of being successful when they come from a successful family.

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