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Reasons why Men don’t want to Marry

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"Reasons why Men don't want to Marry"
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Why men don't want to marry, well that really depends on the man himself. If you find yourself with a man who wishes not to marry, and your wish is to be married, the easiest thing to do would be find another man! Of course, if the man you choose is the one you just can't live without, then you will have to do some exploring to discover just why he does not want to get married. Marriage is a commitment and most men are afraid of being "tied" down. After all, once the knot is tied, he is no longer a little boy, he must now take on responsibility, the responsibility of another human life, his beloved wife. You see, love has nothing to do with it. He can love you with his entire being, but if he is not ready to relinquish his childish ways, there is no way you are going to get him to marry you. You can be the most perfect female specimen on the planet, but if he is not ready, he is just not ready. Don't push him, and say things like "if you loved me, you would marry me", or "if you don't marry me, I'm going to find someone else who will". These statements are only going to make you look so pushy - so bossy, and you just may alienate him. Be patient with your little boy - he will grow up. If you just can't wait, or if he suffers from the "Peter Pan Syndrome" and refuses to grow up, then you have to decide if marriage is your goal for the relationship, or if the relationship can prosper without marriage. Another reason he may not want to marry is fear! He may be afraid of not living up to your expectations of what a good husband should be. He may be afraid of making mistakes, especially if this is going to be his first marriage. If it is not his first marriage, he may not want to make the same mistakes again. Watch out for those men that have already been married. That first wife probably ruined him. If his marriage ended in disaster, he is probably never going to get married again. My goodness, think about it, why would he want to experience all those awful feelings again. He can love you dearly, but his fear of experiencing the ending of a marriage just may be too much for him to handle. I know that sounds like he is expecting the marriage to end, but that fear can take a hold of him, and be in the back of his mind, embedded deep in his subconscious, that he may not even know that he harbors those feelings of great fear. That fellow I would direct to the nearest psycho-therapist and hope that he can work through his fear and get a grip on reality. Anyway, the most important thing to remember is that "you" most likely are not the problem with the guy who doesn't want to marry. The problem is most likely "him", and you just have to decide "Is marriage my ultimate goal?", and "should I stick it out with this fellow, or should I prospect elsewhere for a marriage partner?". Just keep in mind who you are and don't let his problems become your problems! Happiness is all in the attitude!

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