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Reasons why Older Women Date Younger Men

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"Reasons why Older Women Date Younger Men"
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Older women are in very fortunate positions these days, because the idea of older women dating younger men is becoming less of a taboo.  I’m personally very grateful, as I’ve always envisioned myself enjoying a relationship with a younger man once I reach a ripe old age.  As I write this article, I’m still in my twenties, but I’ve dated men a few years younger than myself.  While I admit that these relationships gave me an ego boost, they gave me much more than that.  Younger men bring fresh perspectives and can change a woman’s mind, heart, and soul. 

The oldest person I had a long term relationship with was almost fifteen years older than me.  Despite his age, he was immature and unappreciative.  In my experience, many older men are stubborn and unwilling to compromise.  Even if the man is just a few years older, the age difference seems to go to his head and he tries to be a dictator in the relationship instead of an equal partner.  On the flip side, younger men who appreciate an older woman will usually make every effort to prove his worth.  Many younger men in relationships with older women are unashamed of the age difference.  In fact, most younger men who I’ve met are proud that older women are attracted to them and want to build futures with them. 

Younger men typically have more energy and aren’t as likely to feel uninterested or “too tired” to join in fun activities.  When I was in that relationship with the man almost 15 years older than me, all he wanted to do was sit at home and talk about his glory days from high school.  He never wanted to go out dancing, roller-skating, or ever for a walk around the neighborhood.  He was lazy and uninspiring.  On the contrary, the younger men who I’ve dated were always ready and willing for an adventure.  They never rejected the idea of going out on the town and high school glory days never came up.  These younger men were firmly focused on the future and building themselves up to be responsible and endearing men.  The older men I’ve dated felt that their best days were behind them; the younger men I’ve dated felt their best days were right in front of them. 

Younger men can also represent a fresh new start.  Many older women on the dating scene have had their hurtful share of broken relationships and unfulfilled promises.  Dating a younger man can help older women feel years younger and slowly erase painful memories of the past.  While not all younger men are financially stable, neither are many older men.  Older women shouldn’t be discouraged by a younger man’s financial situation because finances can always change around for the better.  A younger man who provides excitement, warmth, and genuine love is more appealing than an older man who gripes constantly and who is settled in his ways.  Life is more exciting for the young at heart, and a younger man can fill your heart with love, excitement, and hope for the future. 

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